Adam Goldenberg’s Outstanding Performance In Entrepreneurship

Adam Goldenberg runs Just Fab, Inc. alongside Don Ressler. He is highly experienced in management, development of products and internet marketing. Adam became an entrepreneur in his teenage years. At 20, he became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company, Intermix Media, after they acquired his company, Gamers Alliance. Since then, Adam has continued to engage in different businesses. His success is attributed to his ability of combining technology and fashion.

Adam met Don Ressler when he was working at Intermix Media. The two decided to establish their first company, Intelligent Beauty, in 2006. Intelligent Beauty was an e-commerce consumer brand that specialized in health and beauty products as mentioned on Under the Intelligent Beauty brand, they established units like DERMSTORE for skin care products and SENSA, a weight loss system.

Considering the existence of many opportunities in the global market, the two partners decided to venture into online fashion business on With the help of professional consultants and designers, the team established the company’s goal and developed an online platform, which would allow for membership subscriptions. The success of these goals marked the beginning of JustFab. JustFab aims to develop high quality, but affordable brands ranging from bags, shoes, accessories, to styling tips.

Under the JustFab brand, the two entrepreneurs have established different branches, including FabKids and ShoeDazzle. In addition, they entered into partnership with a third party to create Fabletics. JustFab’s monthly membership fee is $39.95. Presently, the company has close to 40 million VIP members in the United States, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Canada and Netherlands.

Recently, Adam Goldenberg appeared on to announce that they were rebranding JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. During the interview, he pointed out that their fashion brand had registered enormous growth considering that it commenced operations as an e-commerce online startup. Today, it is an international fashion brand. The process of rebranding will include upgrading their system to improve their service offing and customer care.

During his “24 questions” interview at NRF- National Retail Federation, Adam noted that fashion is rapidly changing. He reiterated that their brand had achieved success due to their strategy of building brands online, especially in high growth sectors. He said that their membership model is revolutionary as it ensures commitment between the firm and its customers at

This way, both parties benefit. Adam Goldenberg talked about digital retail. He posited that if it is well executed, it is an efficient tool in providing qualitative and quantitative value for both the company and customer. By virtue of venturing into entrepreneurship at a tender age, Adam learnt the importance of empowering his staff, asking questions and giving out challenges.

7 Days of Wen (by Chaz)

If you are unfamiliar with Wen hair by Chaz, it is most notably on the infomercial circuit with celebrity endorsement by Alyssa Milano among others. This particular product is supposed to give you shiny hair, regardless of texture, similar to what your celebrity counterparts have, but, maybe not the lifestyle!

Chaz Dean is the creator of the Wen Healthy Hair Care System and states that all ingredients used are natural formulations to give hair the healthy look desired. He sells the Wen hair brand online on eBay and Guthy-Renker.

In an article by Emily McClure, which first appeared on, she summarizes her Wen experience by giving a 7 day account of what happened when she chose to test the Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner on her fine hair.

Ms McClure felt from the first day that her hair had improved, was fuller and shiny although, at times, her roots seemed greasy and there was a day or two where the hair, overall, was in that condition. She wasn’t able to style her hair as she liked or when she succeeded at styling it, by evening, her hair fell flat.

By the end of the seventh day, Ms McClure was still impressed by the shine but knew there wasn’t going to be a long lasting relationship with Wen.

The full article can be accessed here:


Jim Hunt and VTA Publications

Update 3/12/2017:
Jim Hunt of VTA Publications just started a new blog. At the website,, Jim provides his expert insight totally free of charge. Basically, it’s a view into the type of tips that you’ll receive when you’re enrolled in a VTA course. Just enough to whet your appetite, but not enough for you to become a millionaire. . .yet. Still, it’s a good read and has some really helpful and logical tips for those looking to break into investing for the first time.

Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications Ltd., as well as a financial adviser. Founded in 2012, VTA Publications Ltd. publishes long distance educational courses and organizes special interest events and seminars. In particular the company offers courses that teach customers the fields of economics and financials.

Jim Hunt is a financial expert, and has deep knowledge of how to make trades in all types of market conditions on PRNewsChannel. He is well known for freely sharing his financial advice on YouTube and runs a popular channel.

VTA Publications came about when Jim Hunt decided that smaller investors needed financial advise and retirement help that they weren’t getting from the banks. To advertise is company he uses direct mail marketing as he finds that to be the most effective way to reach people. He has tried many other methods of advertising in the past but experienced a great deal of failure with them.

Jim also provides advise on how to be an entrepreneur on His biggest advise is that to create a business you need to identify what people have a problem with and then identify a solution you have for it. He also advises using Clickbank and get into the information publishing field. This free resource has many products you can choose from and sale as an affiliate. When running your business he suggests using Infusionsoft as a data management system and Aweber in order to create your webpage.

In a series of YouTube Videos Mr. Hunt is releasing a series he has entitled, “Make Mum a Millionaire”. In this series his goal is to prove that using his system he can make his mother a tax-free millionaire in just 10 trades on His proprietary method involves seeking out what “The Establishment” are accumulating and then buy those stocks, making money as the value of the stocks increases.

Mr. Hunt has also launched “Wealth Wave” from VTA Publications. This is a series of DVD’s and seminars that gives people information on how to spot and upcoming Bear Market and makes lots of money when the markets drop.

A Look At Oil Executive Anthony Petrello

Anthony, aka Tony, Petrello has been with oil industry giant Nabor Industries Ltd. since 1991 when he joined the company as its Chief Operating Officer.

In 1992 he also became the President of the company and now also serves as its Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Executive Committee. As of the fiscal year 2015 he was paid $27,633,602 for his multiple roles.

Anthony Petrello graduated from Yale University with both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics. After he earned his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School he worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He worked at this firm for 12 years, from 1979 to 1991, and from 1986 on was the Managing Partner at their New York City office. In addition to his career at Nabor Industries, Anthony Petrello serves with a number of other companies. In 2011 he became the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. He is also the former Director of

Nabor Industries is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda but operates out of Houston, Texas. The company has the largest land-based oil drilling fleet on the globe. They also supply offshore drilling rigs in the United States and in several other locations around the world such as Mexico and the Middle East. Additionally, Nabor Industries offers its tools, services, and technology to other drilling operators.

Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, had a baby daughter born in 1997 who was born prematurely at just 24 weeks. She suffers from PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain, as well as cerebral palsy. Due to their newfound awareness of these diseases, they have given generously to the Texas Children’s Hospital which researches the causes of these diseases and possible treatments.

Why FreedomPop is a Great Company To Acquire Mobile and Internet Services From

There are a vast array of opportunities for people to take advantage of in today’s world of technology when it comes to choosing communication devices and networking plans to go along with them. Many communications companies are offering membership plans at some of the lowest prices that have been available in the history of communications. As a result, the majority of the world’s population is utilizing mobile devices. Although great deals are being offered to people and their families, how many can say that their mobile communications company is providing them with great deals for as little as no costs? Freedompop members are able to say that.


Freedompop offers free mobile phone and internet service with the members being under no obligations of signing any contracts or commitments in which they can choose to cancel at any time. 100% free basic plans are available in which the user will be provided with 500 free texts, 200 minutes, and 500 MB of data each month. They are also provided free unlimited calling and texting with other Freedompop users. By adding friends onto a Freedompop plan, free 4g LTE data can be earned every month. The member can get a virtual number from anywhere in the world.


If you are unsure about what you can do to attain such wonderful services that are available for anyone to take advantage of, please do not hesitate to visit the website that offers such options of free mobile phone and Internet service. It is a type of service that you cannot refuse and should be signed up for immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns about utilizing the company’s services, please feel free to contact the customer service representatives. They are trained, skilled, and qualified to give you the assistance that you will be needing to sign up for the free plans. It is important for you to remind yourself that no commitments are necessary, thus, you can cancel the services at any time. You will not regret your decision of doing so and you could potentially use the money that you save from phone services on something that may be of greater use to you. Be sure to see what offers are available from time to time. It is a great time for some savings, isnt it?


Technology And Fashion

Technology and Fashion together a furturistic prediction. Technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable. For instance in The 70s boom box, in The 80s carrying a boom box was popular since it showed in movies, the 90s the invention of the walkman and another decade later a smaller invention was created The iPod. Such use from technology and Fashion brings a higher standard in innovation and funtionality.

“The fashion industry, as well as the technological industry, have seen many changes through the years. The one remaining constant is that both industries grow together. Over time, technology becomes fashionable, and fashion becomes technologically fashionable. How they have grown together is a fascinating journey. A glimpse of the past and present shines a light on what lies ahead in the future.” -Christopher Burch.

A Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht goes on to say, ” Technology is like a playground a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

Wearing a bike helmet may not be fashionable protection, Anna Gault and Teresa Alstin created an airbag that pops up to protect one’s head from impact that goes around the neck. Frontline Gloves for firefighters to easily signal one another through gestures. SegeraSegera a designer who used recycled inner tubes of bicycles to create jackets and t-shirts and designed Emma Whiteside went as far as taking recycled radiator copper to make a large gown.

Fashion and Technology can be used to create energy. For instance, shoes so that when you walk or run it charges your cell phone. Top fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, gives us a good example of how Fashion and Technology can work together with bringing technology such as Google Glasses to the car walk.

In addition, Chris Busch is Founded and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Also Mr Burch is the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch. Both company’s an expression of Burch’s vision of imagination and creativity. An entrepreneur and investor, Chris Burch, has participated in the rise of 50 companies.

Mr. Burch’s sucesz started in 1976, where him and his brother Bob invested $2,000 to start Eagle Eye Apparel, a business they fed $165 million before selling to SwireGroup. Relying on innovation and implementation he relized a unusual sucess. Chris Burch has invested in real estate of luxury homes in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida and New York.

Losing Weight The Easy Way With Wengie

If you need to lose weight but find that you don’t have the time during the day or you simply don’t have the motivation, Wengie has a few hacks that make it easy to cut back on what you eat during the day while getting exercise with little effort. Adding lemon juice to your water can help to regulate your blood sugar levels, which can help in reducing the amount of fat that is stored. You can add a bit of mint to the water as well to stimulate your metabolism. Two cups of cold water in the morning can also jump start your metabolism. When you drink water before your meal, it will make you feel full faster, which means that you won’t eat as much.


Instead of using a normal plate, eat from a smaller plate so that you don’t eat as much. Smaller bowls also work. Make sure you get enough sleep at night. About 7 hours of sleep is ideal so that your metabolism works like it should instead of being slower. Another hack to lose weight is to turn the temperature in the home down a few degrees. The body burns more calories when it’s cold. You don’t want to turn it down too low because you don’t want to freeze, but you want to be able to notice that there is a different. Wear your gym clothes in the house. If you feel like you’re ready for the gym, then you’ll want to exercise through the day.


A Review of MB2 Dental And Its Support To Dentists

Dentistry is one of the most advanced areas of medicine and with this advancement comes the need to run advanced and highly reliable systems. Many dentists would like to work in an environment that is furnished with the latest technology and tools to make their work easy.

However, the rush to provide high quality services bars most of them from setting their offices up to fit within modern requirements and standards. Instead, they invite companies to take up the role of setting up the office and to design all the service delivery systems. Indeed has it that MB2 Dental has been serving dentists in the country for several years and their services have included managing and supporting dental offices.

Accounting and finance

Among roles MB2 Dental undertakes is accounting and finance services. The company understands the need for a functional accounting system that shows the performance of the business at any particular point in time.

MB2 Dental works with professionals who are skilled when it comes to matters finance and accounting and the approach of the company to issues is related to solving dental office challenges. Therefore, their support is more than what any other accounting firm can offer because they are focused on serving dentists and dental offices.

Managing the recruitment process

Getting new individuals to join a company is something that takes time and resources. It may seem easy but one has to spend time vetting applicants to ensure only those with the right skills and drive are given a chance to join the company.

According to White Pages, dentists don’t want to spend many days dealing with such cases, so they contract companies like MB2 Dental for the overall recruitment process. MB2 has built a reputation for their unique and effective system that ensures only highly reliable professionals are hired to join a dental office.

Technology and IT

With the many changes that have been witnessed in the technological landscape, every company wants to upgrade their systems to more efficient ways of dealing with challenges. Technology allows one to make the right decisions and to swiftly solve challenges.

MB2 Dental assists dentists to set up and manage their IT systems to ensure their operations are effective and reliable. The company offers hardware management and installation, system reviews, software upgrades and data collection as well as processing. MB2 Dental uses the most recent technological ideas to implement the design of their systems to serve the needs of clients more efficiently.


Maggie Gill Career

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly for a variety of reasons. Not only are customers more engaged today, but they want to invest in their health in many areas. A lot of people today are excited about the work that Maggie Gill is doing with Memorial Health. As the CEO of the company, she has led a lot of efforts to get the word out about her business. A lot of people within the industry want to see positive change happen. With her great work in the field, she knows that now is the time to start investing capital into technology to drive results. Not only can she help in that area, but she can also innovate for the future.

Maggie Gill

From the time she started her career, Maggie Gill has always been about helping others. Gill has a passion to help other people with their health and their wellness. With the new technology in the industry, a lot of people think that health and wellness will continue to change rapidly in the coming years. There are many people who are afflicted by disease today that need help. Maggie Gill and Memorial Health are a company that can help in that journey. Not only do they care about customers, but they also want to see them do well over the long term. If you want to work with a great company in this area, Maggie Gill and Memorial Health are the perfect place to start. A lot of people have had success building a life and wellness plan with them.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, your health is one of the most important investments that you can make. A lot of people struggle to make their health goals for a number of reasons. Not only can it be expensive to work on your health, but it also requires a lot of time. People today have less time and money than at any point in history it seems. Maggie Gill wants to change the conversation to focus on illness prevention and living a life of wellness. Working on this is a way to ensure that you are able to take things to the next level with your life. Many people today are excited about the changes that are being made in this area, and they believe that Memorial Health can become a leader within the industry.


Providing Custom Tailored Health Coverage with USHEALTH Group

Health coverage is one aspect of human life that should not be ignored. It has benefited the society by ensuring that they can get access to quality healthcare anytime despite their financial background. USHEALTH Group, a family of companies, based in Fort Worth, Texas, has made it possible for each and every American to have access to health coverage. The institution, through its several subsidiary companies, has continued to provide insurance solutions to its clients. Solutions given to the customers are specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs. However, the customers financial capacity is different, the institution, therefore, allows for adjustments to ensure all requirements are met.

USHEALTH Group has served over 15 million people in a span of 50 years. The company has, however, majored its service provision services to middle-class income earners, self- employed individuals, and small business owners and their employees. It provides covers for; specified diseases, accidents, disability, and life covers for its clients. USHEALTH Group offers affordable and secure coverage plans through its PPO networks. The company’s website is created in such a way that you can find a USHEALTH Group certified health provider within your location. When a client logs in the institution’s website, they can proceed to the PPO Networks page. There, the customer can type the Zip Code from where they reside. Clicking the find button will generate a list of health providers working with USHEALTH Group. Additionally, the list created constitute dental providers and opticians just to mention but a few.

The institution is based in Fort Worth and can be found using the following address; 300 Burnett St #200. Fort Worth, TX 76102. They provide an excellent customer service. The family insurance cover from the institution is crafted to protect your family throughout the year. A person can ensure that the family is taken care of in case of an untimely demise. The family well-being is catered for under the Life Protector cover offered by USHEALTH Group. The cover ensures the mortgage is paid, school fees for the children and their upkeep, it is not taxable, and most importantly it comes with premium payment options.