November 17, 2015

The Uber Of Home Cleaning Services

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Handy is a budding start up company run by four young men who want to be the Uber of home cleaning services. Formed in 2012 under the original name, Handybook, founders Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Ignacio Leonhardt, and Weine Scott sought to offer and easier, hassle-free experience in finding a home service provider. With the use of their app or website it takes only a few minutes for you to find, book and pay a freelance worker to come repair or clean your home. With customer reviews, profiles and pictures it can ease the tension of allowing a stranger into your home.

Since their launch Handy has skyrocketed into success, an article published on ‘Tech Crunch‘, Handy announced they have raised $50 million dollars in funding for the company’s expansion. Based in New York City Handy reportedly books 10,000 jobs per month and has registered 10,000 free lance employees to complete those jobs for their expansive customer base. Their expansion plans have been laid out to extend their services to cities they already serve before expanding to new cities. Currently their overseas market is limited to London but they hope by the end of 2016 they have more countries on their list of serviced areas.

Smart phones have replaced the way we order food, transportation and now home services. Their rival Homejoy, has had some set backs because of the two-sided market. Handy is working on closing the gap for their customers so their services are perfected with no snags or issues. Handy’s CEO has stated their reasoning behind working on smaller, already serviced markets is due to huge companies like Google or Amazon delving into the home service industry. By perfecting their services with their current customer base they can ensure repeat customers instead of risking loosing them. Handy’s goals are focused on the happiness of their customers which helps them continue to grow and thrive.

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  1. Brian says:

    The demand of on the go services continues to grow in today’s society which has boosted Handy’s beaming success while other start ups have crumpled and fallen. It means that will continue to do well against their fierce rivals too.

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