November 25, 2015

Handy is Riding the Gig Economy to Great Success

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Some in government and others are starting to raise concerns over the growth of the “Gig Economy“. In recent years, the profile of freelancers has been raised greatly. The internet has had a lot to do with this since those who possess skills in certain areas are consistently making their services available to those who would benefit from them. Certainly, the freelancers do well by putting their talents and abilities on the open market. Everything from supplemental to full incomes have been made by freelancers. In some cases, the incomes earned have been quite lucrative.

Where does the controversy come into play? Not everyone is fond of employers hiring freelancers since the freelancers replaced the traditional full-time employees. Issues regarding worker protections are raised. Often, the freelancers do not even worry about these things. Still, a controversy seems to have been manufactured. Still, people are talking about the subject.

Talk has recently arisen regarding the development of portable benefits. In a nutshell, portable benefits would entail developing spins on traditional worker’s compensation, paid leave, unemployment insurance, and more for independent contractors. How feasible it would be to actually develop working portable models for these types of benefits remains to be seen.

The Good Work Code is something that is being discussed as well. The concept entails creating a platform for rules companies and freelancers must adhere to when working together. Ideas such as these are going to garner more and more press as the gig economy grows and experiences an increase in its profile.

The gig economy is growing and growing for a simple reason. Customers are able to hire professionals to deliver a service and freelancers are able to make a good living. The company Handy helps facilitate these arrangements. Handy provides an app that allows customers to book home maintenance and cleaning freelancers. Paying for services via the app is easy and anyone working through Handy must complete a rigorous screening process.

Handy has become wildly successful thanks to its rather simple business plan. Nearly 30 cities are home to Handy offices. That number is going to increase significantly thanks to a successful round of capital raising. Handy is definitely going to ride the gig economy to even greater achievements.


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