Helane Morrison: a Mastermind in the Corporate World

Corporate Functions

Helane Morrison is a distinguished figure in the business community with vast experience. Her prowess emanates from the fact that she holds a bunch of managerial distinctions in Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane Morrison is not only the managing director but also the chief compliance officer of this company. She also contributes to the complete membership of the executive committee of this organization. Helane’s past credentials speak volumes of her professional attributes in the corporate world. She used to be the acting regional director of a commission known as Securities and Exchange. Here, she was responsible for ensuring that there was security and that all rules and regulations applied to the latter. The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) also deployed her to represent it in government and legal affairs.

Professional Expertise and Educational Background

She has been an outstanding lawyer for several firms in the recent past (Rice and Canady). These companies appreciated her expertise in security matters and business litigation where Helane’s primary functions were to monitor and forward any tendencies of fraud or corruption in the workplace. She also worked for the courts of appeal from the year 1984 all the way to 1986 where this lady served as a law clerk.

Her board membership to a foundation known as RPF (Regional Parks Foundation) has overseen the organization grow into a successful institution thanks to her professional contributions. Once in a while, she has taken the position of a speaker to oversee the discussion of compliance and investment issues. Her educational credentials also speak volumes of her expertise since she is the proud owner of a law and a journalism degree from the University of California.


When it comes to the corporate world, she has personally been able to reach the pinnacles of success. Her contribution towards the enforcement of the Security and Exchange Commission is a definite landmark achievement. She is also a brilliant lawyer who has single-handedly managed to defend not only individuals but also companies. Helane has been at the forefront in tackling the menace of gender disparity in the society, and she is an example of the untapped potential in women.  http://www.hallcapital.com/team/corporate/helane-l-morrison.php

Avoid Complete Vulnerability to Technology to Protect Your Data

We have become overly dependent on technology in recent years leaving our lives, private information, and work vulnerable to hackers and data thieves. Recent news cite privacy breaches, stolen data, and problems accessing even the most common applications, like electronic email accounts. While technology and green energy lobbying performed by Jon Urbana (just read

Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign to understand) has helped us better our quality of life in many aspects, our dependence on the availability of technology applications has left us vulnerable to the point where, if a technology application, like email, or telecommunication devices happen to stale, we feel like life has become difficult. We need to examine how we arrived at this point and how we can make ourselves less at the mercy of technology.
The use of technology, including electronic mail correspondence and data storage systems, started to rapidly install itself in more parts of our daily lives in the late 1990s. We need to take a step back and think of the ways that the technology that simplifies and entertains us can easily betray us.
Enjoy the technological age we are living in by making technology work for you and simplify your life while knowing that, as technologically advanced as our systems are today, the data applications are not foolproof or secure.

CCMP Capital: Understanding Private Equity Investment Firms

Are you searching on NY Post for information about private equity companies? Ever wondered why many individuals and businesses consider CCMP Capital one of the most reputable private equity firms in the industry? Information about investment firms is available but you need to be sure you are getting it from a reliable source. Not everything you find out there is from a trusted source, so make sure you consult the professionals at a renowned company, such as CCMP Capital.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about private equity investing and financial management advisers as well as companies that provide these services, and since many individuals may not have a good understanding of how to identify or select a reliable or reputable investment firm or financial adviser, it’s a good idea to choose an investment company which has an established history of rendering outstanding services to clients from all walks of life.

Private equity firms refer to groups of investment experts like CCMP Capital that apply pools of capital from several financiers toward investing in companies that have the potential for growth. The funding sources include affluent individuals, endowment funds, pension funds, and insurance firms.

The primary function or objective of private equity is to generate a profit for all investors it represents. Private equity firms achieve this by buying smaller businesses, increasing their values through various methods, selling them at a substantial profit. This process can take many years to accomplish and comes with significant risks. That is why it is important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable private equity investment firm.

Trying to find the right private equity firm for your needs is not easy, and can be extremely confusing and frustrating if you don’t know where to go. Many people who have no clue how to begin, choose Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for expert assistance. This company has a great reputation for providing excellent service to clients. In fact, many clients are always raving about the superior service they have received from the professionals at CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray was President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Stephen was a very successful investor, and his hard work earned him a great reputation in the industry. He helped many clients reach their investment goals and substantial returns. Stephen had vast knowledge of the investment field, with great expertise in buyout and growth equity deals. Mr Murray also mentored many of his associates and partners to ensure their success in the field.

True Philanthropist, George Soros, Banned by the Russian Government

All too often, in the media, we hear news about wealthy people that do nothing but build their own personal and business wealth. We might hear that a wealthy person or family participates in philanthropy, but we understand it typically isn’t much more than donating money here and there and attending black tie charitable events because they feel they should. We rarely get the feeling that the philanthropists feel any strong connections to the causes they support.

Many people also feel that if they were to suddenly strike it rich by hitting the lottery, or by some other means, that they would support the causes they feel the most passionate about; and donate significant funding to them. Many people also wonder why most wealthy people do not.

However, every once in a while, we learn that someone is living up to the standards many would like other wealthy people to adhere to.

In recent news, George Soros lifetime philanthropist and hedge fund billionaire has just received restrictions from the Russian government; limiting his charitable activities within the country. Now 85 years old, Soros has dedicated his lifetime of philanthropy to forwarding causes that emphasize freedom of expression, human rights, better access to education in 70 countries and better access to public health around the world.

Some of his most famous endeavors include:

-Providing black South African students who were living under apartheid with scholarships;
-Providing people living under communism with Xerox machines to copy banned western texts; and
-Founding the Central European University to promote critical thinking

Soros according to Fortune.com founded the charities in question, (the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation), in 1979 when his hedge fund had reached an asset level of $100 million and his personal wealth had reached an asset level of $25 million. Since the charitable organizations are both pro-democracy charities, the government has banned their activities; stating that the activities, “pose a threat to the state and the Russian constitution.” The charities were also labeled as, “undesirable,” and placed on the Stop List.

Soros who feels very strongly that his charities operate to help the Russian people, who deeply desire the freedoms that a democratic society would provide; has encouraged western countries to send money, ($50 million to be exact), as a “bulwark,” to counter Russia’s aggressive anti-democracy practices.

Soros has stated that even though his organizations worked to forward democracy, he operated them with respect to the Russian government’s policies and is shocked that the government has placed a ban on their activities.

-Their activities were historically welcomed by both citizens and officials;
-The charities strengthened the rule of law in Russia; and
-The charities encouraged equal rights for all people

He also feels that despite the ban, the Russian peoples’ desire for freedom and a more democratic state are going to overtake the government’s actions to suppress the charities’ activities; because the Russian people themselves feel that democracy will give them a better future.

Town Residential’s Quarterly Aggregate

Town Residential is a luxury real estate company based out of Manhattan providing services to people who want to move into all areas of NYC apartments for sale. They have been able to give their clients and potential clients the options that they deserve when it comes to searching for a home in New York and have worked to create lists that show people which times are best and worst for buying and selling in New York City. This list that they have created is put out in a quarterly market report that is called The Aggregate.

Every quarter, Virtual Strategy Marketing, provides residents and potential residents of New York City with the opportunity to see what is going on in the market in New York City. The company has been around for many years and has been able to see many fluctuations in the market and the way that it is constantly changing. There have been many market reports and they are all intended to tell the residents whether or not it is a good time to purchase or sell a home in the city.

The price of things in New York City is rising. In the past quarter, housing has risen by around 6% and is expected to continue to climb over the next few quarters. It has proven to be a big deal for the people of the city and has changed the way that people are buying and selling homes in the area. Town Residential talks about all of the housing options that have seen a rise in prices. Apartments, town homes and even single family homes have risen a lot in price.

Because of the very high prices, people are not trying to move into the city as much, making the new developments useless. People who want to move around the city are doing so in different apartments and homes of the city. They are changing the places that they live in and are simply selling their old homes, making more housing available for people who are also moving around from within New York City.

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Company’s Search Results With A Wikipedia Page

When someone searches your business using Google, do they see results under your control? People should find your website, a Wikipedia page about your business and directory listings, because these are search engine results under your control, containing factual, not biased information. Once people see the top four or five search engine results about your business, they won’t bother to scroll further down the page, where it’s possible that they may find unflattering references to your business. Hopefully, your company already has a website and anyone can get listed in directories, but the Wikipedia entry is not so easy; even Wikipedia claims that creating a page is challenging. 

When creating a Wikipedia page about your company, you can only state facts, no opinions or promotional content, plus, you have to back up each fact with a citation. The process is similar to writing a college thesis; if you don’t follow the rules and regulations of Wikipedia, they will delete your page. So how do all the other businesses that you see on Google get their Wikipedia pages? There you can hire Wikipedia writers, such as Get Your Wiki (http://www.getyourwiki.com/). 

The second reason to use Get Your Wiki is that they can monitor your Wikipedia entry to avoid any anyone making changes that may harm your business. Finally, a professional Wikipedia writing service ensures that you’ll have a Wikipedia entry that shows up in one of the top spots on Google when someone searches for your business. Once you control the top spots on Google, Internet searchers see exactly what you want them to see, and nothing else.

Bruce Levenson: Facilitating Philanthropic Leadership

There isn’t enough philanthropy in the world, and according to a recent PR Newswire article, that’s a problem Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson aims to fix. Several years ago, Bruce and Karen Levenson provided donations which became seed money to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. They’ve made at least one subsequent donation, and The Center has continuously expanded since their initial input. In fact, The Center has currently grown large enough to add a dormitory, and they’ve become renown enough to be considered among the best philanthropic leadership programs available today by a number of agencies in the nation’s capital. It makes sense such organizations should hold The Center in high esteem. Every semester, between the available classes at The Center some ten thousand dollars are raised and distributed to varying nonprofit agencies. This means every year approximately twenty thousand dollars are raised. Such a thing is a perpetual gift to nonprofit agencies. Not only that, The Center has sent students as far as India in philanthropic pursuits. Maybe this is the reason Karen and Bruce are so proud of their work. Karen has called their donations to The Center the “most profound” impact they’ve had, philanthropically speaking. Bruce has said that the center’s purpose isn’t just philanthropy, but educating “every student attending the University of Maryland” in profound philanthropic principle.  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html