January 13, 2016

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Company’s Search Results With A Wikipedia Page

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When someone searches your business using Google, do they see results under your control? People should find your website, a Wikipedia page about your business and directory listings, because these are search engine results under your control, containing factual, not biased information. Once people see the top four or five search engine results about your business, they won’t bother to scroll further down the page, where it’s possible that they may find unflattering references to your business. Hopefully, your company already has a website and anyone can get listed in directories, but the Wikipedia entry is not so easy; even Wikipedia claims that creating a page is challenging. 

When creating a Wikipedia page about your company, you can only state facts, no opinions or promotional content, plus, you have to back up each fact with a citation. The process is similar to writing a college thesis; if you don’t follow the rules and regulations of Wikipedia, they will delete your page. So how do all the other businesses that you see on Google get their Wikipedia pages? There you can hire Wikipedia writers, such as Get Your Wiki (http://www.getyourwiki.com/). 

The second reason to use Get Your Wiki is that they can monitor your Wikipedia entry to avoid any anyone making changes that may harm your business. Finally, a professional Wikipedia writing service ensures that you’ll have a Wikipedia entry that shows up in one of the top spots on Google when someone searches for your business. Once you control the top spots on Google, Internet searchers see exactly what you want them to see, and nothing else.

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  1. Brian Flemin says:

    Using Get Your Wiki has many advantages for small business owners. First, you get an entry that Wikipedia will approve, so you won’t waste days creating an entry that doesn’t meet their stringent guidelines. It is very right to conclude that what is written at http://www.writemyessay-site.com/bestessays-com-review/ should be revised and it needs tobe updated.

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