January 29, 2016

Helane Morrison: a Mastermind in the Corporate World

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Corporate Functions

Helane Morrison is a distinguished figure in the business community with vast experience. Her prowess emanates from the fact that she holds a bunch of managerial distinctions in Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane Morrison is not only the managing director but also the chief compliance officer of this company. She also contributes to the complete membership of the executive committee of this organization. Helane’s past credentials speak volumes of her professional attributes in the corporate world. She used to be the acting regional director of a commission known as Securities and Exchange. Here, she was responsible for ensuring that there was security and that all rules and regulations applied to the latter. The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) also deployed her to represent it in government and legal affairs.

Professional Expertise and Educational Background

She has been an outstanding lawyer for several firms in the recent past (Rice and Canady). These companies appreciated her expertise in security matters and business litigation where Helane’s primary functions were to monitor and forward any tendencies of fraud or corruption in the workplace. She also worked for the courts of appeal from the year 1984 all the way to 1986 where this lady served as a law clerk.

Her board membership to a foundation known as RPF (Regional Parks Foundation) has overseen the organization grow into a successful institution thanks to her professional contributions. Once in a while, she has taken the position of a speaker to oversee the discussion of compliance and investment issues. Her educational credentials also speak volumes of her expertise since she is the proud owner of a law and a journalism degree from the University of California.


When it comes to the corporate world, she has personally been able to reach the pinnacles of success. Her contribution towards the enforcement of the Security and Exchange Commission is a definite landmark achievement. She is also a brilliant lawyer who has single-handedly managed to defend not only individuals but also companies. Helane has been at the forefront in tackling the menace of gender disparity in the society, and she is an example of the untapped potential in women.  http://www.hallcapital.com/team/corporate/helane-l-morrison.php


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