February 15, 2016

CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

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CCMP Capital is a well-known private equity investment institution. Currently, the company is based in the New York City. The main aim of the company is to leverage buyout and also the growth of the capital transaction. Before getting the name CCMP, the company was known as JP Morgan Partners. The institution was separated from its original partners, the JP Morgan Chase in 2006. After its formation, the company has invested a lot of money in its transactions. It has used over $12 billion in its transactions according to Wall Street Journal. The institution was ranked 17 in 2007 for being the world’s biggest private equity fund.

The company has quite a number of employees in its offices. Although its headquarters are in the New York City, the company has other offices in Hong Kong, London, and Tokyo. Back in 2008, the company appointed a new chair, Mr. Greg Brennenmen.
During the last two decades, the company has been known for changing its name several times. It was originally started in 1984, and by then, it was known as Chemical Ventures. The institution used to operate as a private equity and venture capital for the chemical bank.

In 2007, the leadership of the company changed. Steve Murray took over charge, becoming the CEO of the institution. Previously, the position was occupied by Jeff Walker. Before becoming the CEO, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. In fact, he had worked for the company since 1989. Steve Murray passed away recently at 52 years. Before his death, he had left the company because of health problems.

Steve Murray was a very popular private equity investor and also a great philanthropist. He worked for CCMP for a very long time. He was a graduate of Boston College. He left the school in 1984 after getting a degree in economics. Later in 1989, managed to get a master’s in business administration, from the Columbia school of business. He was very active in philanthropic activities throughout his career.

CCMP chairperson, Mr. Greg Brennemarn, said the company was mourning the loss of a great partner and friend of the company. According to Greg, Murray was a founding partner in the company, and good deal breaker who had managed the company achieves a lot of success. He had contributed a lot to get the company to the current position.
During his lifetime, Mr. Murray had served in several boards’ seats. The most recent and most important included: Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and the Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Jetro JMDH Holdings. His great contributions to the industry will be remembered always.

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