Re Max Heads Back To New York

For people outside the real estate profession, it might seem as though all real estate sales are the same. Yet those who work in real estate know there is a big difference in how sales work in different regions and parts of the market. This difference is especially marked between sales in suburban areas and in larger urban, luxury markets like New York.

Remax Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in the United States, in suburban areas throughout the country. It has grown to its position as one of the top real estate firms in the US though the leadership of Dave Liniger, who has been with Remax since its beginnings in the 70s. Now Linger says Remax is ready for a major relaunch in the New York market.

Liniger, who has high hopes for Remax making major inroads in New York, has appointed company veteran Terry Bohannon to head up the rebranding and remarketing effort. One aspect of the plan is for Remax to buy back many of the regional offices back from franchise owners in the New York area.

Yet the fact is that the upstart real estate offices here that have made inroads in recent years, like TOWN Real Estate, are the ones who know the New York luxury market well.

TOWN has been a major success in New York since its initial launch in 2010. The philosophy behind the company has been to focus on knowing the luxury market here and in giving top level service to customers. It’s a strategy that has paid off well for TOWN.

Right now TOWN is poised to go ever higher in the real estate rankings, and as the pros at Remax know, TOWN is a force to be reckoned with.

George Soros Has a Plan to End Human Suffering

John Menadue once said, “I have learned over many years that one way [people] avoid public responsibility is to remain silent.” George Soros, a man often maligned for his politics, will never be accused of shunning his responsibility by saying nothing.
Forbes billionaire George Soros, chairman of the Soros Fund Management also known on NY Books as “the man who broke the bank of England” is an American business magnate of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry who is an investment heavyweight, a philanthropist, and an author. A supporter of democratic ideals and causes for many years, Soros’ Open Society Foundation, his philanthropic organization supports human rights in more than 100 countries. The same impetus that forged the goals of this organization has led Mr. Soros to make his voice heard as he speaks out against the inhumane treatment of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

In a recent article published via Marketwatch, Mr. Soros presented a six step plan that if implemented will solve the European asylum chaos.

The fear of Islamic terrorist has caused many European nations to close their hearts and their borders to the plight of refugees fleeing their homeland hoping to find a better and safer life. George Soros in this opinion piece stated that the “influx of refugees once thought to be a manageable inconvenience is now a political crisis” in need of a safe orderly way to handle this mass movement of humanity. Soros believes that a common asylum policy must be created by the European nations. The six point plan published on considers the Syrian population first and includes the following points:

1. The European Union must accept at least a million asylum seekers yearly. Each refugee would receive 15,000 euros($16,800) for the first two years. These funds would cover housing, health care, and education cost. This aide would be paid for through the issuance of long term bonds using untapped AAA borrowing capacity which would help refugees and stimulate the European economy.

2. The European Union must provide funds to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refuges living there. These funds would cover basic care and other essential needs. The EU should create special economic zones with preferred trade status to generate jobs and attract investors.

3.The EU should build an EU Asylum and Migration Agency and an EU Border Guard. This singular new agency would establish common rules for employment and entrepreneurship, streamline the procedures, and develop a return procedure for migrants wanting to return home.

4. Safe channels need to be establish for refugees. This will calm the panic and manage the traffic of those seeking destinations in Europe.

5. The EU should establish a global plan and set specific standards for the treatment of refugees and migrants

6.The private sector of EU countries should absorb and integrate refugees. Churches, NGO’s and businesses could act as sponsors.

All You Need To Know About White Shark Media And Its Customer Complaints Handling.

White Shark Media is a well established Search Marketing agency operates from its US, Central America, and Denmark offices to serve its clients worldwide. This firm offers online marketing services that help small and medium sized businesses earn more money by reaching more clients online. Among the services this firm offers to its small and medium-sized e-commerce clients are Product Listing Ads, Ad management plans, full Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics implementation and AdWords and Bing Ads Management services. It also guides its clients through the initial setup of accounts throughout their optimizations until they are able to meet their targets.

For all the years that White Shark Media has been in operation, it has been greatly praised by its clients. There were also complaints that were raised about their services by its clients too. According to White Shark Media Review, it has taken them a lot of time for them to be able to address successfully all their customers complaints. In this time, the firm has also concentrated on building its self from an ordinary firm to a super firm that receives a minimum number of complaints. The firmly boldly states that so far it has had its fair share of complaints.

On complaints about clients losing track of their AdWord campaigns, customer education was implemented. This was after White Shark Media established inadequacies in its reporting procedures. This customer education program was formulated to allow small businesses owners to review effectively their account reports. Thus, customers were able to monitor personally specific keyword or ad performance. White Shark Media also rectified its communication protocol after a customer expressed their dissatisfaction with it. The firm put in place scheduled monthly status calls and GoTomeeting platform. Through this program, clients had access to an SEM Strategist, who helped them review the monthly performance report. The clients were also given direct calling lines through at times of emergency so that they can get help from the firm.

White Shark Media also conducted an overall review to its new optimized campaign to accommodate clients with old accounts. This was after competency complaints were received about the new optimized campaigns customer flexibility. This made their optimized campaigns better performing. The firm also emphasized on operation procedures to its clients for guaranteed success. The old well-performing campaigns were improved to a level that they started producing good results fast. The firms SEM Strategist who were more experienced were given the responsibility of overseeing the campaign. This helped prevent the previously addressed complaints from emerging again.

A Second Financial Collapse Approaches, States George Soros

George Soros has built his reputation and personal fortune on being aware of every aspect of the global financial position, which is why his warning of oncoming financial problems that will affect the entire world has been taken so seriously. Bloomberg has printed the transcript of an interview George Soros gave at an economic forum in Sri Lanka where he gave a dire warning to financial experts and investors over the state of the global economy; Soros pointed out on Bloomberg to issues in Europe and China as the major driving forces behind the problems the world faces.

George Soros embarked upon his own journey to the U.S. as a refugee after surviving the Holocaust of World War II, which led to him beginning his financial career that led to the formation of his own hedge fund. The career of George Soros has seen his hedge fund reach unprecedented levels of success that averaged at least 20 percent in growth on an annual basis for over 30 years.

The career of George Soros saw him keep abreast of the political and economic situations in different areas of the world, which is why he has now given his view on why a global economic slowdown could once again occur. The main issues for the potential collapse of the global economy can be found in China and its constant struggle over recent years to cope with a growing middle class; the growth of the middle classes in China has inspired a change in the focus of the economy from its traditional focus on investing and manufacturing. In recent years, George Soros has seen an ever decreasing level of growth in the Chinese economy that he feels has not been handled correctly by Chinese financial officials. Soros believes the problems in China have combined with the refugee and economic problems in Europe to create a perfect storm that could lead the world into a global economic crisis to rival that seen in 2008.

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Hilary Clinton gets Financial Backing From George Soros

The U.S. Presidential race for 2016 has taken a strange turn with the inclusion of Donald Trump in the race, but the respected Democrat Hilary Clinton has been given a huge boost with the news George Soros has donated to her campaign. Two Super-PAC‘s have been created to provide support for Clinton with both being given financial support from the Hungarian born hedge fund manager.
George Soros has taken a liberal view to his politics after spending much of his youth in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Soros has not taken his freedom for granted since being given refugee status after the Second World War, and formed the Open Society Foundations in a bid to make sure his political views were given an outlet to fight repressive regimes around the world.

An article in Politico details the latest donations made by George Soros to the Hilary Clinton campaign; the decision to back Clinton comes after Soros made clear his regret that he did not back Clinton in 2008 when he gave his backing and donations to President Barrack Obama. The hedge fund manager credited with breaking the bank of England in 1992 has now provided funds for Clinton totaling $8 million over the course of 2015 as the Presidential nominee prepares to fight Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

George Soros has attempted to provide a wide range of support for Democrats seeking the Presidency in recent years after he began providing financial donations during the 2004 campaign. Although George Soros provided support for President Obama in 2008 he provided only $1 million for the reelection campaign of 2012; in response to his return to funding Clinton the financial expert has stated his happiness in being granted almost unlimited access to the former First Lady as he returned to the U.S. political scene.