March 3, 2016

Hilary Clinton gets Financial Backing From George Soros

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The U.S. Presidential race for 2016 has taken a strange turn with the inclusion of Donald Trump in the race, but the respected Democrat Hilary Clinton has been given a huge boost with the news George Soros has donated to her campaign. Two Super-PAC‘s have been created to provide support for Clinton with both being given financial support from the Hungarian born hedge fund manager.
George Soros has taken a liberal view to his politics after spending much of his youth in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Soros has not taken his freedom for granted since being given refugee status after the Second World War, and formed the Open Society Foundations in a bid to make sure his political views were given an outlet to fight repressive regimes around the world.

An article in Politico details the latest donations made by George Soros to the Hilary Clinton campaign; the decision to back Clinton comes after Soros made clear his regret that he did not back Clinton in 2008 when he gave his backing and donations to President Barrack Obama. The hedge fund manager credited with breaking the bank of England in 1992 has now provided funds for Clinton totaling $8 million over the course of 2015 as the Presidential nominee prepares to fight Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

George Soros has attempted to provide a wide range of support for Democrats seeking the Presidency in recent years after he began providing financial donations during the 2004 campaign. Although George Soros provided support for President Obama in 2008 he provided only $1 million for the reelection campaign of 2012; in response to his return to funding Clinton the financial expert has stated his happiness in being granted almost unlimited access to the former First Lady as he returned to the U.S. political scene.


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  1. Annabella Jensen says:

    George initially divided his support for Clinton between two Super-PAC groups with $1 million donations to both. The latest donation from Soros takes the form of a $6 million check given to one of the Super-PAC’s. This may be so true of because they have been able to prove to the world using their mathematical calculations.

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