March 16, 2016

All You Need To Know About White Shark Media And Its Customer Complaints Handling.

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White Shark Media is a well established Search Marketing agency operates from its US, Central America, and Denmark offices to serve its clients worldwide. This firm offers online marketing services that help small and medium sized businesses earn more money by reaching more clients online. Among the services this firm offers to its small and medium-sized e-commerce clients are Product Listing Ads, Ad management plans, full Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics implementation and AdWords and Bing Ads Management services. It also guides its clients through the initial setup of accounts throughout their optimizations until they are able to meet their targets.

For all the years that White Shark Media has been in operation, it has been greatly praised by its clients. There were also complaints that were raised about their services by its clients too. According to White Shark Media Review, it has taken them a lot of time for them to be able to address successfully all their customers complaints. In this time, the firm has also concentrated on building its self from an ordinary firm to a super firm that receives a minimum number of complaints. The firmly boldly states that so far it has had its fair share of complaints.

On complaints about clients losing track of their AdWord campaigns, customer education was implemented. This was after White Shark Media established inadequacies in its reporting procedures. This customer education program was formulated to allow small businesses owners to review effectively their account reports. Thus, customers were able to monitor personally specific keyword or ad performance. White Shark Media also rectified its communication protocol after a customer expressed their dissatisfaction with it. The firm put in place scheduled monthly status calls and GoTomeeting platform. Through this program, clients had access to an SEM Strategist, who helped them review the monthly performance report. The clients were also given direct calling lines through at times of emergency so that they can get help from the firm.

White Shark Media also conducted an overall review to its new optimized campaign to accommodate clients with old accounts. This was after competency complaints were received about the new optimized campaigns customer flexibility. This made their optimized campaigns better performing. The firm also emphasized on operation procedures to its clients for guaranteed success. The old well-performing campaigns were improved to a level that they started producing good results fast. The firms SEM Strategist who were more experienced were given the responsibility of overseeing the campaign. This helped prevent the previously addressed complaints from emerging again.


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  1. Brian Fleming says:

    It the end of it all the firm has been able to provide better services to its clients. This I think is the way to get the best tools for students in this country. The firm recently released a statement online for their potential customers and partners agencies on the progress of the firm far on its clients compliments and complaints.

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