March 22, 2016

George Soros Has a Plan to End Human Suffering

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John Menadue once said, “I have learned over many years that one way [people] avoid public responsibility is to remain silent.” George Soros, a man often maligned for his politics, will never be accused of shunning his responsibility by saying nothing.
Forbes billionaire George Soros, chairman of the Soros Fund Management also known on NY Books as “the man who broke the bank of England” is an American business magnate of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry who is an investment heavyweight, a philanthropist, and an author. A supporter of democratic ideals and causes for many years, Soros’ Open Society Foundation, his philanthropic organization supports human rights in more than 100 countries. The same impetus that forged the goals of this organization has led Mr. Soros to make his voice heard as he speaks out against the inhumane treatment of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

In a recent article published via Marketwatch, Mr. Soros presented a six step plan that if implemented will solve the European asylum chaos.

The fear of Islamic terrorist has caused many European nations to close their hearts and their borders to the plight of refugees fleeing their homeland hoping to find a better and safer life. George Soros in this opinion piece stated that the “influx of refugees once thought to be a manageable inconvenience is now a political crisis” in need of a safe orderly way to handle this mass movement of humanity. Soros believes that a common asylum policy must be created by the European nations. The six point plan published on considers the Syrian population first and includes the following points:

1. The European Union must accept at least a million asylum seekers yearly. Each refugee would receive 15,000 euros($16,800) for the first two years. These funds would cover housing, health care, and education cost. This aide would be paid for through the issuance of long term bonds using untapped AAA borrowing capacity which would help refugees and stimulate the European economy.

2. The European Union must provide funds to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refuges living there. These funds would cover basic care and other essential needs. The EU should create special economic zones with preferred trade status to generate jobs and attract investors.

3.The EU should build an EU Asylum and Migration Agency and an EU Border Guard. This singular new agency would establish common rules for employment and entrepreneurship, streamline the procedures, and develop a return procedure for migrants wanting to return home.

4. Safe channels need to be establish for refugees. This will calm the panic and manage the traffic of those seeking destinations in Europe.

5. The EU should establish a global plan and set specific standards for the treatment of refugees and migrants

6.The private sector of EU countries should absorb and integrate refugees. Churches, NGO’s and businesses could act as sponsors.


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  1. Gabriella Graham says:

    The mass exodus from Middle Eastern nations especially from war torn Syria has frightened and angered many westerners. The passage would begin in Greece and Italy. It could not have eagerly become what had expected from them in the long run which might be perceived as something unusual.

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