March 31, 2016

Re Max Heads Back To New York

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For people outside the real estate profession, it might seem as though all real estate sales are the same. Yet those who work in real estate know there is a big difference in how sales work in different regions and parts of the market. This difference is especially marked between sales in suburban areas and in larger urban, luxury markets like New York.

Remax Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in the United States, in suburban areas throughout the country. It has grown to its position as one of the top real estate firms in the US though the leadership of Dave Liniger, who has been with Remax since its beginnings in the 70s. Now Linger says Remax is ready for a major relaunch in the New York market.

Liniger, who has high hopes for Remax making major inroads in New York, has appointed company veteran Terry Bohannon to head up the rebranding and remarketing effort. One aspect of the plan is for Remax to buy back many of the regional offices back from franchise owners in the New York area.

Yet the fact is that the upstart real estate offices here that have made inroads in recent years, like TOWN Real Estate, are the ones who know the New York luxury market well.

TOWN has been a major success in New York since its initial launch in 2010. The philosophy behind the company has been to focus on knowing the luxury market here and in giving top level service to customers. It’s a strategy that has paid off well for TOWN.

Right now TOWN is poised to go ever higher in the real estate rankings, and as the pros at Remax know, TOWN is a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Mary Taylor says:

    Liniger is incredibly optimistic about the chances for Remax to have a breakthrough this time out. When its time to get serious about the luxury real estate in New York, call the experts at TOWN. This is really what assignmentman has been able to talk about without having much regret on some of these things but I think that they might have meant well for them also.

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