April 4, 2016

Reductive Fox News Interview With Human Rights Activist Is Painful To Watch, But A Must-see

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The Fox News interview hits hard, starting with a graphic of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the hostess saying that he wants America to be socialist. And that is just the beginning of the reductive message. Of course, Bernie Sanders does not want America to be socialist, he just wants America to be more socialist. If you’ve ever driven on the road, mailed a letter, gone to school, called the police or fire stations, or receive Social Security then you have benefited from America’s socialism. Bernie simply wants to expand socialism, providing government-funded healthcare and college. The capitalist engine that drives America will remain intact, but Fox News does not want you to know that. They want to reduce the presidential candidate’s stance to “Socialism = Bad”, and they recently tried to use interviewee Thor Halvorssen to do that.


Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He’s a man of principle, going after authoritarian dictatorships no matter what form of government they hide behind. But the Fox News anchor continues to try to reduce the interview to “Socialism = Bad”, asking Thor Halvorssen why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. This is obviously a ridiculous question. If socialism is a violation of basic human rights, then driving on a road or mailing a letter is evil. And of course, Thor Halvorssen tries to explain this to the hostess. He calmly lays out the fact that socialism is neutral, it is not good or evil. Socialist countries like Norway and Sweden are perfectly fine, according to Thor Halvorssen. It’s when authoritarian dictators use socialism as a means of exploitation that things go wrong. But she continues to try to reduce the interview for uneducated viewers, attempting to equate socialism and Bernie Sanders with evil.

Then, bam, the Fox News anchor feels Thor’s hammer. He comes out and says that he Bernie Sanders and condemns all other presidential candidates for supporting dictators. Hillary Clinton, he says, has benefited from millions of dollars worth of campaign contributions from countries like Saudi Arabia, while Republican candidates publicly support Vladimir Putin. Fox News fails to reduce Bernie Sanders and socialism, and in doing so, they accidentally support him with the fireworks in this interview-turned-viral-video. Find Thor on Facebook to see what he’s up to.

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  1. Maddison Giancarlo says:

    this shows that the United States America needs to do something about the promotion of activism and really we have to question our position. Out of essayhell.org, you can see that the Fox news for one could have given other time slots to bring on the event. As we like to say, Bernie Sanders would have done the same and could not really make much of a difference because of money.

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