April 4, 2016

Talk Fusion Setting The Standard Of Video Communication

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The driving force behind the application suite known as Talk Fusion is Bob Reina who decided to create something that at the time seemed totally impossible. In 2004 Bob Reina was on the market looking for a house when he went to view one and took a 10 second video clip of the house to send to his family in order to get their opinion. He soon noticed that it was impossible to embed the video within an email and send it off. He also contacted his service provider AOL who told him that this was not possible and what he was asking to do was simply not invented yet. Bob Reina being successful in direct selling immediately noticed that there was a business opportunity in creating an application that could achieve just that, embed a simple video within an email.

This was the start of Talk Fusion as Bob Reina teamed up with an old friend who was also an IT specialist. This collaboration brought out the first application of Talk Fusion known as video email. This simple application was very easy to use and was the first reason for its popularity. The application allowed the user to customize their own video message from over a thousand different templates. This made the video message very personal. Bob Reina and his team of professionals have since expanded their range and now offer, live meetings, video chat and video newsletter.

Due to Bob Reina’s great success in the direct selling marketing industry previously this allowed him to see the potential of direct selling with the Talk Fusion Application Suite. Therefore the Talk Fusion application is also so popular because anyone can refer the platform to someone and make some money for themselves. This allows people from all walks of life to get involved and benefit from the innovative idea that was first thought up by Bob Reina and his team of software professionals. Talk Fusion is just getting started and will soon be the number one used video communication software globally.

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