April 17, 2016

History of George Soros’ Rise in the Field of Finance

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George Soros recently made headlines with his financial report that stated that the current world economic system is unusually similar to the economic pattern that led to the fiscal crisis that nearly crashed the 2008 stock market. George Soros is known for his financial estimates and predictions and has a reputation for making accurate predictions. The financier has several ties to economic strategies and development. His decades of work in the financial industry has led him to become one of the single most influential business leaders in the global economic system. Because George Soros has accurately predicted several economic shifts, his predictions regarding the current economic state should not be taken lightly.

George Soros embarked on a long and tedious journey towards becoming the billionaire financier on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/ that he is today. The Jewish-Hungarian banker was born to a struggling family at the onset of one of the most difficult times in history. As a native of Budapest, Hungary, Soros was forced to relocate after Nazi Germany invaded his homeland and began persecuting the Jewish community. The school that George Soros attended was effectively shut down after this invasion and Soros (along with other Jewish children) was forced to be educated by rabbis in their own community. Soros eventually would pose as a Hungarian official’s son in an effort to attain a better life with significant opportunities.

This difficult upbringing was perhaps one of the most significant factors in George Soros’ development into a captain of industry. The businessman learned to persevere in the midst of incredible opposition and developed an incredible work ethic. Even still, life was not a breeze for the Hungarian business owner. Soros began life after adolescence by working a series of dead end jobs to support himself. He eventually recognized that the jobs were not fulfilling to him and began to search for a career that would better suit his skills. Soros then embarked on a mission to gain employment by a banking institution. He recognized his skillfulness at making money on http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2016/02/11/europe-verge-collapse-interview/ through one of his previous positions as a salesman. With no qualifications, however, finding a position in a banking institutions proved to be a difficult tasks. Soros once stated in an interview that when he was seeking employment at a banking institution, he contacted every single financial institution in his vicinity. He only interviewed with two of these institutions and was only offered a position at one. One job offer was, in fact, all the businessman needed to begin a promising career as a financier.

Though his position at the banking institution was merely an entry level position, George Soros made the most of it. He gradually worked his way up the ladder of the company, swiftly becoming knowledgeable areas of finance and economics. This job was the beginning of a series of employment opportunities that were presented to Soros that eventually led to his development into an extremely wealth business owner, political activist, and influential economic leader. George Soros is living proof that hard work and perseverance create success. More information can be found here.

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