Airline Suspending Travel to Venezuela

Amidst all the recent economic problems in Venezuela, according to Dateas News, the German based airline, Lufthansa, has suspended their flights to Venezuela. The airline typically travels two to three times a week to the struggling country.
Even more alarming is the possibility of spreading the Zika virus. The virus has largely been contained in the region. However, if more travelers visit Venezuela the risk of Zika spreading to other countries will increase.

Because of the economic struggles, Lufthansa felt it unsafe for travelers to enter the country. As well, the company felt that the currency exchange was becoming too much of a risk.

Apart from the economic stuggles, Venezuela is also suffering from a growing health crisis says expert Norka Luque, and the country is becoming unstable for most travelers. With the Zika virus now spreading more abundant and the shortage of medicine and healthcate funding, even Venezuelans do not feel safe. With all the troubles going on in Venezuela it would be no surprise if other airlines or even government agencies follow suite and restrict or ban all travel to Venezuela.

Recently travelers from Peru were reported to have contracted the virus which raised alarms for anyone moving in and out of the country. With the virus spreading, will this prompt athletes from participating in the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, which is also struggling with the virus? Could other airlines suspend travel to Brazil as Lufthansa did in Venezuela?

A Look At New Education App Class Dojo

What Is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is a company and the name of an application that allows teachers, students, and student parents or guardians to connect, interact and grow together through an online education platform. The company was created in 2011 and witnessed exponential growth since launching in the summer of 2011. Right now, it it estimated that almost 2 in 3 schools in the United States use Class Dojo within classrooms. The app is particularly popular among grades k-8, as it is geared towards a more younger child audience and not a teen or young adult age group.

Class Dojo has expanded outside of the United States and is now used all over the world. Schools in more than 180 countries are currently using class Dojo to enhance the educational experience and to foster communication. Messages on Class Dojo can be translated in over 35 languages right now for free which makes easy to use even for non-native language speaking students or parents.

Class Dojo was founded in San Francisco, California and the company’s headquarters is located in 735 Tehama St San Francisco, CA 94103. The app is currently free to download and use.

What Are The Benefits To Using It?

There are numerous benefits to using Class Dojo. The biggest benefit touted by parents is that they can get constant updates, complete with photos and teacher comments during the school day and after the school day. Parents love seeing the progress and activities their children are making in school, especially in visual formats such as videos and photos.

Another great benefit of Class Dojo is that it allows students, teachers and parents to connect outside the classroom. This builds a classroom community and is especially effective in breaking the ice with shy students and new students to a classroom.
Teachers can also quickly communicate with a single parent about an issue with a child or send out an announcement to all parents about an upcoming trip or activity.

What Does The Future Hold?

Class Dojo is currently free to use and the founders of the company Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have firmly stated that it will remain free for all teachers, their students and the student parents to use. There are plans floating around to monetize the app. While the app will most likely remain free, premium services that will cost extra for parents to use could be developed. The app could also be used as a platform to download educational material, purchase things such as yearbooks and pay for school trips and lunches.


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Why Does Every Business Need Talk Fusion? The Answer Is Easy To See


Let’s face it, every business needs one thing to stay alive during even the toughest of economic times and that one thing is, customers. Without customers, nothing happens. So, how do you keep your current customers engaged and help to engage the new customers? Talk Fusion can help. Using video marketing is a great way to boost your business awareness and your business brand. Talk Fusion is an inovative video marketing platform that allows you to multiply your profits, skyrocket your sales while attracting and retaining your ideal customers.

This platform can even help your customers give you more referrals and keep everyone coming back more often. Just think about it, imagine having an all in one video marketing solution at your finger tips. That is what you get with Talk Fusion. Talk fusion is inexpensive and they offer the most up to date video technology in the world today.

Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO Bob Reina talked about this amazing platform in his all new product presentation. Bob started the whole company because he had an idea to send his friend a video in an email back when the internet was young. Imagine the look of shock on Bob’s face when the internet experts of the day told him they couldn’t send that video to his friend.

Today Talk Fusion has become a global leader in the field of video marketing and email video marketing. Thanks to Bob you can send your customers video or send a video to a friend and more, all with his easy to use platform. Bob Reina’s company gives you everything you need in one single location. Talk Fusion stores your videos within the platform so your customers and you will not be exposed to annoying ads generated by an outside source. Talk Fusion helps with live meetings, video newsletters, video emails and signup forms too.

In step one you choose a template from the over one thousand offered. In step two you record or upload your video message. In step three you hit the send key. Your marketing message will go to your clients and customers quickly and they can view them with easy, even on a cell phone or tablet.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Visionary For The Future


Kheradpir: A Visionary For The Future

Shaygan Kheradpir began his career over twenty- eight years ago, graduating with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PHD in engineering from Cornell University. Since this time Mr. Kheradpir has risen amongst the ranks, starting at GTE Corporation and switching to Verizon as EVP and Chief Information Officer. In this position with Verizon, Shaygan worked with a team to help streamline the company and make Verizon more efficient. Too, while with Verizon, Mr.Kheradpir worked on one of the largest product initiatives, FiOS, who had an initial 20 billion dollar investment.

Moving on from Verizon, Mr.Kheradpir began working for Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In this position Shaygan was a leader in the TRANSFORM program which transformed the historical banking service for the 21st century. Shaygan was one head of this program over 150 thousand employees in 50 countries.

After his role with Barclay’s, Shaygan became CEO of Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks works in program innovation to help clients solve program issues and network faster for more Company efficiency. Shaygan developed an Operating plan that focused on development in the areas of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder.

In his latest position, Mr.Kheradpir is CEO and Chairman of the Board for Coriant which specializes in faster networking connections for their clients that results into more efficient networking solutions. This role was possible as Shaygan was in a short term role with Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Executive, where he worked closely with Coriant learning about the daily operations. Coriant is equally satisfied to have Mr. Kheradpir as CEO and Chairman of the Board in hopes of rising to a new professional and economic growth for the company.

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Darius Fisher Gives Advice on How to Achieve Success

When it comes to business owners rising to success, Darius Fisher is at the top of the list. Fisher is president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm. In a recent interview with Small Business Forum, Fisher discusses what has motivated him to success. According to Fisher, taking a chance and leaping into entrepreneurship is what worked for him. As a copy-writer and political consultant before co-founding Status Labs, Fisher dreamed of owning his own business and being free to travel. He also suggests letting go of the things that are not helping your business grown. Streamlining a business is the best way to do this.

A graduate of Vanderbilt, Fisher started out working as a litigation support executive helping law firms and corporations with all the logistics of litigation. Later he worked as a political consultant especially on the campaign of retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown in 2008. He moved on to something else that would help him in his success with Status Labs: copy-writing. Working with a marketing firm, Fisher did copy-writing for Agora Publishing affiliates.

According to Huffington Post, his work with Status Labs has bounced Fisher up to the top of successful business owners. It has not been an easy road, however, with some reputation problems of their own. A former executive had some bad press about things unrelated to Status Labs. However, the firms proactive steps for improving their image has worked out. Under the direction of Fisher, Status Labs has shown itself to be an honest, trustworthy company their clients can be proud to be associated with.

Fisher has been featured in several publications including Dujour, The Daily Beast, The New York times and the New York Post. He has also been asked to speak at several marketing conferences such as the Impact 15 in Las Vegas. Given his marketing expertise and success in business, Fisher has also published articles on success and preventing employee turnover. Part of keeping a business running is keeping employees up to date and happy, considering how expensive replacing employees is. Status Labs and Darius Fisher seem to be having continued success.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation

The Olympic Valley Incorporation has been seeking some disastrous remedies and efforts, as they feel are necessary that have caused some major concern for the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth. He sees the incorporation imposing effort that could essentially be a recipe for a complete disaster. He has opposed them since presented with as he feels they will not be a good asset to the Lake Tahoe north shore communities. Luckily has has been granted some much needed relief from them, as they have withdrawn their efforts. Wirth feels that there has been a lot of issues between the two parties and a lot of divisive actions and words spoken that he can only hope heal over time. At this point in time it’s the community that needs to be addressed and looked out for, and he feels that the correct actions have been taken.
The last few years for Wirth have presented themself as not entirely pleasing. Not only did he have the efforts of the incorporation but they were also experiencing a drought throughout the region that was making it hard for many to enjoy the resort as well as Wirth to keep up with the inaccurate supply of snow.

Fortunately they had a pretty big winter snow storm sweep through the area recently bracing them for cold temperatures and much needed inches of packed snow. This allowed the resort to open their doors early which jump started the season for some of the outdoor adventurists. Wirth is happy to find some relief from the past few years.

Wirth attended the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelors degree in Science. He moved from Germany to attend college, but came from a family that enjoyed the outdoors just as much as he does. He had a near death experience while sky diving that landed him in the hospital for many months of healing and completely changed his life forever. As an active philanthropist and outdoors enthusiast himself, he has dedicated much of his life to making the environment and the outdoors a safe, clean place to play.

He has been working on some projects back at the resort. One of them being a gondola but will connect the two beautiful resorts together, enabling the skier’s to cross from point a to point b, all while enjoying the beautiful country side. People come from all over to view the beautiful Olympic Valley in California, and it can be rest assured that Mr. Wirth will continue to work very hard to ensure that the resort and the surrounding communities had his best interest and efforts at hand. He is looking up to the positive nature of the next couple of years.

George Soros; China Could turn to be the US of 2008

At an Asia Society event in New York, billionaire investor George Soros discussed the resemblance of the current China economy to the one that occurred in 2008. According to Soros China’s lending spree could affect the (FXI)(YINN)(ASHR) growth. Indeed, there are similarities in both economies. These current market trends according to George Soros should be a worry to global investors. In 2008, the primary cause of the US market crash (QQQ)(SPYY)(VOO), was the soaring credit levels and the estate bubble.

China and the US market that failed in 2008 are similar. The possibility of that happening as George Soros said in April cannot be 100% verified. The Chinese market had already tumbled in August 2015. The ratio of total debt to GDP remains too high, at 246% in 2015. In 2007 total public debt to GDP ratio for US (SPXL)(VOO) was 2007. When a debt increases to more than 5% of GDP, then it falls under the category of “highly risky”.

On public prediction, George Soros printed a book in 2008 about the financial market. In the book, he predicts a “superbubble” that had built in the past 25 years and was ready to crumble. The book was the third Soros had written that predicts disaster. Gorge Soros attributes his success, to being able to recognize when he makes wrong predictions. Soros has persistently compared the US crisis of 2008 and the current Chinese crisis. Undeniably, China’s position on has weakened in the global arena. This is due to lack of demand, industrial recession, and the rollercoaster experienced in the stock market. The Chinese government is also on a learning curve. As a result, the government has continuously made policy mistakes.

As per George Soros, the bubble caused by property and construction in China could grow to consume itself. These similarities he draws directly from the one that occurred in the United States in 2005 and 2006. This bubble could keep on growing to the extent that it will be unsustainable. George Soros further claims that the monetary stimulus only extends the inevitable. China growth in the economy was as expected but stimulus measures mainly drove it. This shows that the Chinese economy cannot be said to be on the safe side yet.

Certainly, George Soros has a record of a crying wolf; this is the third time to predict a crisis in the economy. This time, he believes he is correct and states that even when the boy cried the third time the wolves came. He is an investment billionaire, and such wealth is not gained by being wrong, you survive by being able to recognize mistakes. Is George Soros prediction about China correct?

Read more at The New York Times about George.

Great Looking Locks with Wen by Chaz

A great looking head of hair is a woman’s crowning glory, which is why every woman wants the kind of lustrous, fluffy hair we see on all the glorious hair care commercials. The reality is that some women really struggle to achieve great looking hair, and that’s why so many are in search of a product line that will really help them achieve the beautiful hair they’ve been dreaming of.
For women who feel they’ve been handed a lousy deal, with hair that if flat, oily and hard to manage, there is a happy solution out there. A recent article in followed a young woman who was in search of a better way to take care of her hair. She was one of those women with a woeful hair situation, as she often felt stuck with a look that was utterly flat and very oily. She decided to try products by Wen by Chaz (, and she had a very happy result.

Within a week of using Wen by Chaz Dean products, the young woman in question found her hair to be silkier, bouncier and more manageable. She used the Sweet Almond Mint shampoo and conditioner, and by using a large amount (a palm full of product) on a daily basis, she achieved great results very quickly.

The Wen product line also includes shampoo and conditioner with scents like Sephora Fig, Lavender and Tea Tree. All smell terrific, and all bring about great results for many hair types. Why wait? A great head of hair is now achievable, with Wen by Chaz.



A Closer look at the Talk Fusion Service

Talk Fusion is a video marketing service that can come in handy for many different types of businesses. Some of the different features of this service include sign-up forms, video chat, video emails, video newsletters, and meetings that can take place live over the internet.

Talk Fusion’s service is designed to be used with a broadband internet connection. To get full-motion video and in-sync audio streaming, a high-speed internet connection is a must. For best results, it is recommended that the bandwidth is at least 1080 kbps. In addition, Talk Fusion streams videos at the maximum speed that the internet connection supports.

The service is usable on either a Mac or a Windows PC. However, there are certain specifications that computers must meet in order to use Talk Fusion. For example, Windows users must have at least Windows Vista while Mac users must at least have OSX. (Please be sure to visit the website for more information on the minimum requirements to use this service.)

This service is a must-have for businesses who require meetings but do not have the time to meet clients face-to-face.

Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, went through a lot of hoops in order to create the software. Reina had a strong entrepreneurial desire to create this product. He even gave up his career and a steady paycheck in order to pursue this business opportunity.

Although the people around him thought he was making a bad decision for giving up a job and a consistent paycheck to get into this business, it paid off in the end. Bob Reina now has a successful business with a successful product that many other entrepreneurs envy.

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Talk Fusion: Inducing Positive Global Change

Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina. He is currently the CEO and Founder of the organization, which began roughly nine years ago, in 2007. The organization produces marketing solutions, and has become exceptionally well-renown in some 140 countries. Currently, Talk Fusion’s visual communication app–which allows for face-to-face communications in High Definition–is the number one app of its kind in Indonesia. It is number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland. By all accounts and purposes, that’s success. But the success of Talk Fusion isn’t something Bob Reina is going to let taint business practices. Talk Fusion is a member of DSA, the Direct Selling Association. This is because ethical practices are a primary mainstay of the marketing endeavors Talk Fusion develops and facilitates.

Expect commitment to community from this company. Expect that family and friends will be considered and fostered. Expect charity to be given to animal groups worldwide, and expect positive global change; these are the directives of Talk Fusion.

In a recent article posted by Business For Home, one of the organization’s most exciting features was recently discussed. Now, when new users sign on to use Talk Fusion, they are given a free thirty day trial which allows them unlimited access to all available applications from the group. This unlimited access lasts for thirty days, and requires no credit card information to set up.

Since Talk Fusion features multi-platform support, allowing options on Macintosh, Windows, and Android systems (not to mention Tablet OS options), this trial will give users across the board a chance to experience High Definition communication entirely free for a month. That’s something worthwhile, and sure to increase an already popular organization.

The global market is definitely impressed with Talk Fusion, and popularity is poised to continue its increase. The technology used in facilitating this high definition interaction is proprietary, and the patent on it is currently pending. Not only is Talk Fusion revolutionary in its scope, in the philanthropy of its organization, and in the effectiveness of its product, but its technology cannot be found in any other program available to the market.