May 10, 2016

Talk Fusion: Inducing Positive Global Change

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Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina. He is currently the CEO and Founder of the organization, which began roughly nine years ago, in 2007. The organization produces marketing solutions, and has become exceptionally well-renown in some 140 countries. Currently, Talk Fusion’s visual communication app–which allows for face-to-face communications in High Definition–is the number one app of its kind in Indonesia. It is number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland. By all accounts and purposes, that’s success. But the success of Talk Fusion isn’t something Bob Reina is going to let taint business practices. Talk Fusion is a member of DSA, the Direct Selling Association. This is because ethical practices are a primary mainstay of the marketing endeavors Talk Fusion develops and facilitates.

Expect commitment to community from this company. Expect that family and friends will be considered and fostered. Expect charity to be given to animal groups worldwide, and expect positive global change; these are the directives of Talk Fusion.

In a recent article posted by Business For Home, one of the organization’s most exciting features was recently discussed. Now, when new users sign on to use Talk Fusion, they are given a free thirty day trial which allows them unlimited access to all available applications from the group. This unlimited access lasts for thirty days, and requires no credit card information to set up.

Since Talk Fusion features multi-platform support, allowing options on Macintosh, Windows, and Android systems (not to mention Tablet OS options), this trial will give users across the board a chance to experience High Definition communication entirely free for a month. That’s something worthwhile, and sure to increase an already popular organization.

The global market is definitely impressed with Talk Fusion, and popularity is poised to continue its increase. The technology used in facilitating this high definition interaction is proprietary, and the patent on it is currently pending. Not only is Talk Fusion revolutionary in its scope, in the philanthropy of its organization, and in the effectiveness of its product, but its technology cannot be found in any other program available to the market.


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