May 23, 2016

Olympic Valley Incorporation

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The Olympic Valley Incorporation has been seeking some disastrous remedies and efforts, as they feel are necessary that have caused some major concern for the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth. He sees the incorporation imposing effort that could essentially be a recipe for a complete disaster. He has opposed them since presented with as he feels they will not be a good asset to the Lake Tahoe north shore communities. Luckily has has been granted some much needed relief from them, as they have withdrawn their efforts. Wirth feels that there has been a lot of issues between the two parties and a lot of divisive actions and words spoken that he can only hope heal over time. At this point in time it’s the community that needs to be addressed and looked out for, and he feels that the correct actions have been taken.
The last few years for Wirth have presented themself as not entirely pleasing. Not only did he have the efforts of the incorporation but they were also experiencing a drought throughout the region that was making it hard for many to enjoy the resort as well as Wirth to keep up with the inaccurate supply of snow.

Fortunately they had a pretty big winter snow storm sweep through the area recently bracing them for cold temperatures and much needed inches of packed snow. This allowed the resort to open their doors early which jump started the season for some of the outdoor adventurists. Wirth is happy to find some relief from the past few years.

Wirth attended the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelors degree in Science. He moved from Germany to attend college, but came from a family that enjoyed the outdoors just as much as he does. He had a near death experience while sky diving that landed him in the hospital for many months of healing and completely changed his life forever. As an active philanthropist and outdoors enthusiast himself, he has dedicated much of his life to making the environment and the outdoors a safe, clean place to play.

He has been working on some projects back at the resort. One of them being a gondola but will connect the two beautiful resorts together, enabling the skier’s to cross from point a to point b, all while enjoying the beautiful country side. People come from all over to view the beautiful Olympic Valley in California, and it can be rest assured that Mr. Wirth will continue to work very hard to ensure that the resort and the surrounding communities had his best interest and efforts at hand. He is looking up to the positive nature of the next couple of years.

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