May 31, 2016

Airline Suspending Travel to Venezuela

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Amidst all the recent economic problems in Venezuela, according to Dateas News, the German based airline, Lufthansa, has suspended their flights to Venezuela. The airline typically travels two to three times a week to the struggling country.
Even more alarming is the possibility of spreading the Zika virus. The virus has largely been contained in the region. However, if more travelers visit Venezuela the risk of Zika spreading to other countries will increase.

Because of the economic struggles, Lufthansa felt it unsafe for travelers to enter the country. As well, the company felt that the currency exchange was becoming too much of a risk.

Apart from the economic stuggles, Venezuela is also suffering from a growing health crisis says expert Norka Luque, and the country is becoming unstable for most travelers. With the Zika virus now spreading more abundant and the shortage of medicine and healthcate funding, even Venezuelans do not feel safe. With all the troubles going on in Venezuela it would be no surprise if other airlines or even government agencies follow suite and restrict or ban all travel to Venezuela.

Recently travelers from Peru were reported to have contracted the virus which raised alarms for anyone moving in and out of the country. With the virus spreading, will this prompt athletes from participating in the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, which is also struggling with the virus? Could other airlines suspend travel to Brazil as Lufthansa did in Venezuela?

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