June 13, 2016

Rejuvenate The Face With A Massage

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A face massage is a way to relax the body after a long day or to rejuvenate the skin. Wengie gives details on how to massage the face in the proper manner for the best results whether it’s for anti-aging or slimming.

One of the things to love about a facial massage is that you aren’t adding chemicals to the skin. You are stimulating the face from the inside out. The facial massage came from a Chinese technique, and many health professionals use it in Asian countries for its anti-aging benefits and to help reduce the bloating of the face. Toxins are also removed from the skin, tightening the skin, giving a slimmer profile.

Once you perform the facial massage, you’ll likely love the way the skin feels. In terms of how much the massage will improve the skin, it will be based on your diet and how many toxins are in the body. You can really see the difference the morning after the massage. Bloating will also improve, especially if you drink a lot of water. A facial massage won’t take the place of daily skin care.

The two things that you will need is a tool, such as a Chinese spoon or a plastic massager. A stone massager will benefit the skin more than one that is plastic as it will help to exfoliate the skin and remove more of the toxins. You also need a cleansing oil. Apply firm pressure to areas where you need more circulation. If you want to slim the face, then consider massaging the chin area up to the ear. You want to lubricate the face before you begin your massage. Keep applying the oil when it dries out. Scrape areas of the face in an upward motion. Massage the eyes from underneath the eye out toward the ear. Scrape the neck to rid the skin of debris. The massage should take about 10 minutes.


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