August 15, 2016

CCMP Capital’s Co-Founder and Former CEO Stephen P. Murray

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Stephen P. Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital was a considered a thoughtful and skilled investor by many who knew him. Sadly, this husband and father of four passed away at his home on March 12, 2015 a few months after leaving his position citing health issues. He was only 52 at the time of his death. Murray married his college sweetheart, Tami, in 1985. They raised their four sons in Stamford, Connecticut.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

In 1984, Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics and later continued his education to earn his Masters in Business Administration at Columbia Business School. After graduating in 1989, he embarked on a successful financial career which included positions at Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan Partners.

CCMP Capital was co-founded by Murray in 2006 and in 2007 he was named CEO. His credibility and reputation afforded him the opportunity to serve on the board of several major companies including The Vitamin Shoppe, and Cabela’s among others.

Most respectable millionaires also like to give back, and this expectation was not lost on Stephen Murray. Besides giving back to the colleges he attended, Boston College and Columbia Business School, he was also a philanthropist. The Make a Wish Foundation and the Lower Fairfield County (Connecticut) Food Bank relied on his contributions to make a difference in the worlds of those less fortunate.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital worked quickly to regain investor confidence in their latest fund after the departure of Murray. A “key-man” clause was triggered for the CCMP Capital Investors III LP fund and a list of principal leaders of the fund was assembled quickly. Stephen Murray’s shares were bought up by the firm to increase confidence in the face of the investors. In a calculated move, Murray’s responsibilities were dispersed among several positions rather than finding an individual to replace hmim.

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