August 31, 2016

Securus continues its wave of revolution with the digital forms

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It is believed that on average, an inmate requires at least 13 forms in a month. In a correction facility that has 2000 prisoners, that translates to a hip of relevant documents. They including grievances forms, medical forms, and sign-up forms among other forms. Correction facilities have to deal with these documents every month. Handling paperwork is a task in itself. Thanks to Securus Technologies, this could be a thing of the past.

Although it is fast becoming a tradition for the Dallas-based company, the companies desire to innovate is getting better and better. Recently, they launched comprehensive video call visitation for inmates. The new platform, ConnectUs, is equally a first in the industry. Inmates’ files can be filled and submitted through the platform. It will save printing costs, and time lost collecting and submitting forms and make filing and the whole process of documenting easier.

Securus will implement ConnectUs technology in over 3400 correction and public safety facilities all over North America. The automated filing system will serve over 1.2million inmates in this facilities. Considering the amount of paperwork required to cover comprehensively prison environment services, the cost of paperwork and corresponding filing system will take a significant cut. It will herald a new era of cost reduction and excellent services. ConnectUs will connect all players in the industry in the future.

According to prison officials, ConnectUs is a feature that will go a long way in making prison service delivery smooth. The feature is easy to use, cost friendly, and very secure. Prison facilities have access to administrative powers of the platform and therefore it will help encourage and motivate staff and sheriffs especially in this dispensation of technology. The pressure on preparing documents and other challenges that come with documentation is no longer a significant issue. Officers can now focus on delivering on the correction platform.

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