Equities First Holdings Offers Quick Alternative Margin and Stock Loans

You need a quick loan. Bank loans are all but impossible because of limitations on available credit and the need for strong collateral. If you have a brokerage account and own stock, you can ask your firm for the loan and use your stock as collateral. Here too there too there are drawbacks. The firm normally will limit your loan to 50% of your shareholder value. In addition, their interest rates are high ranging from 6.5 to 9%.

Equities First Holdings can meet your need for quick cash with interest rates as low as 3-5% and does not have restrictions on the amount of your loan based on your stock holdings. They have made loans up to 80% of your shareholder value. Their average is 60%. In dollar terms their loans have been as high as $8 million.

The next question is: How does this work? With a regular $5,000 Cash Account you can buy up to $5,000 worth of stock. The second type of account is a Margin Account. This allows you to buy 50% more stock. With a $5,000 account, you could buy up to $7,500 of stock. In good times when markets are going up you can make more money faster. However, in a down market you can lose it faster also.


Equities First Holdings (EFH) treats loans on Cash and Margin Accounts differently. The reason is simple. There is much more risk lending against a Margin Account. Under a Cash Account if the stock does well EFH returns the entire amount of the collateral. The borrower can pocket the profits. On the down side if the stock falls below 80% of loan value, the borrower can pay the difference to get the loan out of default. Or he can walk away from the loan and the stock. This type of loan allows the borrower to abandon the loan before it expires.


Margin loans have different requirements. First, the borrower must be pre-qualified and require that the money be used for a specific purpose. The loan to value is much lower- 10-50%. If there is a margin call, the lender may liquidate the loan without warning.


A final word. Equities First Holdings is a respected leader in alternate shareholder financing with having brokered $1.4 billion in loan value.

for contact: equitiesfirst.com/contact

LED Lighting By Gooee

Gooee is a company that specializes in led lighting. LED stands for light emitting diodes and are the current top performer of lighting everywhere. What makes led lighting so special is that they are energy efficient while also lasting longer than the average bulb. LED lights are efficient enough that they use much fewer units of energy than a halogen or incandescent light bulb. This is one of the main selling points of led lighting as it saves money on electricity bills and only requires buying very few bulbs at one given time. Although many other types of lighting exist, none quite live up to the power of led lighting.


When comparing led lighting to incandescent, halogen, and CFL lighting, none even remotely come close to the lifespan. They last up to 50 times longer and are even compatible with many other pieces of technology. For instance, there are led light bulbs that can be connected to applications on a mobile device and even have their colors changed at the push of a button. However you decide to use your led lighting, remember that Gooee continues to push the envelope of what can be done and there are many options available to you right out the box.

The Rise of Norka Luque

Norka Martínez Luque is the name behind MILAGRO hit song. She was born in Venezuela and studied in France. Norka graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion. She wanted to join a band while she was still a student she acceded to a band as a singer. This is where she attracted the attention of producer Emilio Estefan Jr. He was interested in her music projects and voice. He requested Norka to work with him. Norka was grateful for the opportunity since it paved her a way to join music industry and did music professionally.


Norka had a passion and love for music since she was a little girl. Her parents discovered the love Norka had for music, and they supported her by paying her music classes. At music school, she trained on her voice and learned to play different musical instruments. All this was before she went to study. Norka did music part time. She never ditched books to make music as her parents had advised her not to. Norka has been clear to her goal, and she has been working hard so as to succeed in the music industry.


Norka partnered with a team of producers, led by Emilio Estefan Jr. and music composers among them being Hermanos Gaitán, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena to come up with the song MILAGRO. The song has become a major hit in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela and Norka continues to market the song together with El Cata. MILAGRO has been topping charts in the prestigious Latin Music Billboards. It is a fusion of Caribbean sounds and Reggae. The song has one of the most successful projects of Norka and still she is looking forward to releasing more hit songs in the coming future.


Listen Norka Luque’s Song by visit http://www.mtv.com/artists/norka-luque/

Five Ways to Control a Small Business’s Reputation

Vanguard.com recently published an interesting article on the importance of reputation management for small businesses in Nigeria. It contains important information, however, for anyone trying to operate a small business anywhere in the world.

The article urges that business people get very involved in social networks. For most small businesses that means Facebook, but do not overlook the importance of other social networks depending on where your market is in the world. For instance, the largest social networks in China are Ozone and Sina Weibo while the largest social network is Line in Japan. While businesses need to be active on social media sites where their headquarters is located, they also need to be active where their customers live.

The second point that the Reputation.com article makes is that small businesses need to seek publicity. If you are active in a community, then get active in groups there. Do not, however, overlook the importance of getting involved online by writing guests blogs and publishing thought-provoking articles on local sources.

Furthermore, businesses need to be found in business directories. One of the largest business directories in the world is LinkedIn but do not overlook more specialized business directories. Think about the ones that your customers rely on and make sure that your listing is found there.

While many companies shy away from online reviews, you should be encouraging them. If you are taking care of your customer’s needs, then most of the reviews should be positive. If you encounter a negative review, make sure to acknowledge it and do everything you can to correct the situation. Potential customers know that you cannot make everyone happy all of the time, but they are watching to see how you respond.

While it is important to control your online reputation, it is also important to control your offline reputation. Take control of your actions. Realize that anything you do can eventually end up online.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Wengie has a few ideas for those who want to celebrate Halloween as a group. The best thing about these costumes is that you can make them with items that you have around the home or that you can get at a crafts store.


Suicide Squad is probably going to be one of the most popular costume themes among girls. Harley Quinn is the leader of the group. Wengie  has a lot of spunk, and it’s to make her pink and blue costume. You need a white long-sleeve shirt, fabric paint that you spray on, a print out that goes on the front of her shirt and some masking tape. Use the tape to mark out the red patch on her chest. Spray the paint on the top half of the shirt. Cut out the printed phrase, and place it on the front of the shirt.


Use tape to mark out the stripes on each sleeve. Let everything dry before removing the tape. Blend out the edges of the paint so that it doesn’t look straight. Use a pair of gray shorts that you will paint red and blue. Use blue and red eyeshadow as well as black face paint to add a small heart on the cheek. Wear stockings, tall white socks and white tennis shoes with a higher heel to complete the look. You can also carry around a wooden baseball bat to give the authentic Harley Quinn appearance that can be seen in the movie “Suicide Squad.”


Learn more about ClassDojo:


SEC Whistleblower Attorney Wins Award


The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow have worked hard to make sure that their clients are satisfied with what they have been able to do. They work with people to ensure that they are getting the most out of their whistleblower case and they have even made the decision to push cases forward that could have been risky. The attorneys know what they are doing and it shows in the way that they help their clients win awards no matter what they are trying to do or what information they are trying to report to the SEC and the proper authorities.

The success shows in that the attorneys recently helped one of their clients win the second largest award in the whistleblower program. They knew that they would be able to help the client but they were not sure what the reward would be. While thy knew that it was going to be big, they did not know that it would end up being the second largest. They hoped that the client would be satisfied and the case turned out well. The client was satisfied and the SEC was happy with the response and the information that they got from the client while they were doing the investigation.

Since the rewards are so large, attorneys can help the people who are doing it get rewards that are even better. This means that they know how to do the right things and say the right things for the client. They will help their client negotiate the terms of the reward and this will often lead to the client getting a bigger reward as a result. This has been a major blessing for people who wanted to just get something for talking about the things that they knew were going on within the SEC.

In the past, the SEC really struggled with making sure that people were able to tell information to others no matter what it was. They knew that there were illegal dealings going on but they did not know that these would lead to rewards for the people. They wanted people to tell them what was happening in a safe way. For this reason, the SEC created the SEC whistleblower program. It promises to protect anyone who comes to the SEC with information about anyone that is doing anything that they should not be doing while at the SEC.

FreedomPop Makes Communication a Lot Less Costly

Millions of people all over the world are paying quite a large amount of money for phone bills. I believe that this is crazy so I made a switch over to FreedomPop. This is the company that has given me the ability to do a lot more with a lot less money for services. I have the ability to talk and text without the fear of an insanely high phone bill. In the past I paid the crazy overages for data use, but FreedomPop has given me the ability to cut out a phone bill altogether.

I was impressed with the fact that this company has allowed me to bring my own phone. So many companies want to try to get you to buy their phones. I have had to pay for cell phones in the past, and I am thrilled that FreedomPop has presented me with the ability to bring my own device. I have also found myself quite thrilled about the wireless service that I can acquire in the home with this company. I was paying so much money for the Internet, but now FreedomPop has given me the ability to save money.

I have checked out the competition and I have been able to see that there is not another company around that has the same great deals that you can get if you sign up with FreedomPop. I have been telling friends about it and singing the praises of this company to co-workers. I discovered the FreedomPop deal through a commercial. Free cell phone service, at first glance, sounded far too good to be true. I had to think about it and I thought that this would be impossible. I was wrong.

The Internet is 100% free according to a FreedomPop review. There are no games being played. That is why I love this company. It presents people with the chance to get free service and see what is available with this company. I don’t have to worry about trying to pay a high amount of money for any type of ISP when I get online free and get decent speed with FreedomPop. The only regret that I have in concerns to this company is that I did not discover it soon enough. Each month I have $200 dollars in my pocket that I would not have had and it is all because of FreedomPop.

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FreedomPop Allows Its Customers Full Use Of Their Smartphones

There is a lot that people do with their cell phones these days, which is why having full use of a smartphone is necessary for those who use one. Anyone can get unlimited talk time as well as text messages, but having unlimited data is very important as well. Since many people are away from home for so long throughout the day, especially if they are working, they may have the need to use the data on their phone. The data can be used to surf the Internet, to run the GPS, to download applications, and maybe even to stream videos and music.

Without a constant stream of data, it’s possible that a smartphone will slow down or be nearly unusable unless it’s being used for text messages or phone calls. FreedomPop wants to allow everyone the ability to use their smartphone as they need it, especially where the data is concerned. Many are plagued with wireless companies that slow their data to incredibly slow speeds when the customer has used up their 4G LTE data, which is unfair and can hinder the usage of a smartphone. A FreedomPop review states that they offer unlimited 3G data, and several gigabytes of 4G LTE data is also available.

Those who want additional 4G LTE data can always add it to their cell phone plan, but those who are not concerned with having extremely fast speeds can still be sure that they’ll be able to download music and even stream videos when they use FreedomPop’s network. The unlimited 3G data that’s provided with the unlimited cell phone service plan is excellent for those who have standard needs for data, even if they are streaming something through their phone. Being able to use a smartphone as it was meant to be used, especially with data, that’s something that many smartphone users want.

The cheapest unlimited cell phone service plan from FreedomPop starts at only $20 per month and only goes up in cost based on the amount of 4G LTE data that’s added to the plan. Even those that don’t want to spend so much money on a cell phone plan can choose a plan that costs less than $20 a month, or choose the free plan that FreedomPop offers. The free plan will still give talk time, data, and text messages but will allow the user to pay no money for the service, which in turn will save them money.