October 6, 2016

FreedomPop Allows Its Customers Full Use Of Their Smartphones

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There is a lot that people do with their cell phones these days, which is why having full use of a smartphone is necessary for those who use one. Anyone can get unlimited talk time as well as text messages, but having unlimited data is very important as well. Since many people are away from home for so long throughout the day, especially if they are working, they may have the need to use the data on their phone. The data can be used to surf the Internet, to run the GPS, to download applications, and maybe even to stream videos and music.

Without a constant stream of data, it’s possible that a smartphone will slow down or be nearly unusable unless it’s being used for text messages or phone calls. FreedomPop wants to allow everyone the ability to use their smartphone as they need it, especially where the data is concerned. Many are plagued with wireless companies that slow their data to incredibly slow speeds when the customer has used up their 4G LTE data, which is unfair and can hinder the usage of a smartphone. A FreedomPop review states that they offer unlimited 3G data, and several gigabytes of 4G LTE data is also available.

Those who want additional 4G LTE data can always add it to their cell phone plan, but those who are not concerned with having extremely fast speeds can still be sure that they’ll be able to download music and even stream videos when they use FreedomPop’s network. The unlimited 3G data that’s provided with the unlimited cell phone service plan is excellent for those who have standard needs for data, even if they are streaming something through their phone. Being able to use a smartphone as it was meant to be used, especially with data, that’s something that many smartphone users want.

The cheapest unlimited cell phone service plan from FreedomPop starts at only $20 per month and only goes up in cost based on the amount of 4G LTE data that’s added to the plan. Even those that don’t want to spend so much money on a cell phone plan can choose a plan that costs less than $20 a month, or choose the free plan that FreedomPop offers. The free plan will still give talk time, data, and text messages but will allow the user to pay no money for the service, which in turn will save them money.

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