October 10, 2016

SEC Whistleblower Attorney Wins Award

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The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow have worked hard to make sure that their clients are satisfied with what they have been able to do. They work with people to ensure that they are getting the most out of their whistleblower case and they have even made the decision to push cases forward that could have been risky. The attorneys know what they are doing and it shows in the way that they help their clients win awards no matter what they are trying to do or what information they are trying to report to the SEC and the proper authorities.

The success shows in that the attorneys recently helped one of their clients win the second largest award in the whistleblower program. They knew that they would be able to help the client but they were not sure what the reward would be. While thy knew that it was going to be big, they did not know that it would end up being the second largest. They hoped that the client would be satisfied and the case turned out well. The client was satisfied and the SEC was happy with the response and the information that they got from the client while they were doing the investigation.

Since the rewards are so large, attorneys can help the people who are doing it get rewards that are even better. This means that they know how to do the right things and say the right things for the client. They will help their client negotiate the terms of the reward and this will often lead to the client getting a bigger reward as a result. This has been a major blessing for people who wanted to just get something for talking about the things that they knew were going on within the SEC.

In the past, the SEC really struggled with making sure that people were able to tell information to others no matter what it was. They knew that there were illegal dealings going on but they did not know that these would lead to rewards for the people. They wanted people to tell them what was happening in a safe way. For this reason, the SEC created the SEC whistleblower program. It promises to protect anyone who comes to the SEC with information about anyone that is doing anything that they should not be doing while at the SEC.

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