Bruce Levenson Turned Around the Hawks

Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful people in the history of the NBA. Although he was never a player, he made a huge impact on the game. The Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst franchises in the league for many years. Bruce Levenson would eventually buy the team and turn them around. However, he is now involved in a lawsuit with his former team. Looking at his history in the league, it is no surprise that he has done well in many areas. Bruce Levenson is a great example of the impact that a great owner can make on a team and a city.Read,

Starting Out

According to, when he first purchased the team, Bruce Levenson wanted to make a fast impact. He wanted to take things to a new level, so he invested in the arena. This would bring more fans to the games and pay off quickly. He also brought in better players, and then he invested in a coaching staff that would bring them up to a higher level. If you want to invest in a team, you need to make sure you have a plan in doing so. Bruce Levenson has been a great owner over the long term for his teams. There are a lot of people who loo up to the job he did.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bruce Levenson was a great owner in the NBA. Although he is now in some legal trouble for his time with the team, no one would want it changed. The Hawks are now one of the best teams in the league, all thanks to his work in the field. If you want to take your company to a new level, there is a lot that can be learned from his time with the Atlanta Hawks. Read more about Mr. Levenson’s philanthropic work on


Talk Fusion: The Product That Gets It Done

When it comes to tech products out there, people are looking for products that won’t have any bugs and won’t have any issues. They want products that are going to get the job done without any hesitation and without any problems. That is exactly what Talk Fusion does as it is a video communications provider that is always on the top of its game. Its owner and CEO, Bob Reina, would not have it any other way. When he hired his IT team, he made sure to get the best in the business. He knew for a job like this, he needed the best men and women that he could find.


He has succeeded with that as now Talk Fusion has won two awards in 2016 from the media giant Technology Marketing Corporation . It is never easy to win any award, but to win two in the same year, that is truly saying something out there. There are a lot of tremendous products out there, but this is a product that is always working, always improving, and always helping people. It gets it done, plain and simple. This award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award and Bob Reina and everyone on the IT team are thrilled to receive it.


The wonderful and humble thing about Bob Reina is the fact that he has gone on record to recognize the IT team and all that they have done to make this award possible. He has never taken the credit for it or patted himself on the back. That is why people give their best for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. They know they are working for a man that truly appreciates them and what they put into the company. They play a pivotal role in the success of the company.


Between the video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails, they have it all. They recently made great upgrades to the video chat, which has received amazing reviews from the customers. They are also offering a thirty day free trial at the moment for new customers.

Securus Technologies Recognized By The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently awarded accreditation and an A+ rating to Securus Technologies. The Better Business Bureau is a highly respected organization by people within and outside the business world. Many consumers turn to the Better Business Bureau when they have problems with companies or need information concerning the level of service provided by the companies. Therefore, any positive acknowledgement provided by the Better Business Bureau is good for any company.


There are several reasons why many people look at the Better Business Bureau as a trusted source of information regarding companies both large and small. One of the main reasons is that the Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with the companies that it gives accreditation and ratings for regarding the companies’ service and performance level. This outside perspective as a third party helps tremendously related to the trust factor that people place with the Better Business Bureau.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides services and products for organizations in safety and law related industries such as public safety, enforcement agencies, and correction agencies. Securus Technologies currently serves close to 3,400 agencies across the country, and also provides services to over one million inmates across the country.


Securus Technologies made several improvements within its company to help with areas such as customer service. The company recently established a large call center to help with the daily demands of customer service. This call center has allowed Securus Technologies to offer a level of customer service that is considered at the top of its industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is on the move. The company is now recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an accredited company with an A+ rating. I believe this acknowledgment by the Better Business Bureau is a valuable recognition that will help Securus Technologies in many ways moving forward.

Bob Reina’s Modesty Allows Him to Help Thousands

Since its founding, in 2007, Talk Fusion has made it a habit of staying dedicated to helping people. Bob Reina, Founder and CEO, states that Talk Fusion is about building the futures of others and giving back to communities all around the globe.


One of Bob’s favorite sayings, “With great success comes greater responsibility”, is common talk throughout Talk Fusion’s culture. It has become part of their DNA and is the motivation in everything they do.


Bob Reina has made tremendous impacts on the world already. He’s made a $1 million donation to the Humane Society and donates generous funding to an Indonesian orphanage. Bob Reina’s vision is to change lives through his actions and those of his company’s, throughout more than 140 countries.


Due to his involvement with nonprofits, he has been inspired to take that involvement a bit further. He has launched a program allowing every associate of Talk Fusion to donate a single free account to the charity of their choosing. This free account is for their very best plan, which includes access to all of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products, video newsletters and email, complete customization, branding and live meetings.


This recent program’s goal is a simple one: Help charities all over the world reach more people, to spread their message and further their cause. Each story of those helped by Bob Reina and his company makes his vision even clearer. Bob’s vision and mission to change lives all over the globe is truly making a difference. Bob Reina is very proud of that.


Bob Reina has been described as “down to earth” and “cool”. He is humble and can usually be found petting his rescue dog in his office. He multitasks by making international calls and giving new hires fist bumps.


Before finding himself in direct sales, he was a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy. He has always had a concern for the well-being of others and even started a network marketing position while he was still working for the police department.


Before long, he was a top salesman and eventually founded his own company after many scoffed at his idea: Video email. He had two goals: Create new video technology to change the way people connect and use it as a product type for a direct sales business. His goal was met by creating Talk Fusion. Mission accomplished.

The Ukraine And The European Union Need A Better Debt Relief Plan According To Billionaire George Soros

George Soros has been talking about Ukraine debt for the last 14 months. Soros has written essays on the subject, and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as other news publications, have published articles about possible structural reforms in the Ukraine. George Soros has also been very vocal about the European Union and the mounting debt and bank issues that are causing concern about the longevity of the EU. The banks in Italy, Spain, Portugal and other member countries are in trouble, and Germany is showing signs of wear and tear because of the migration dilemma, according to Soros.

Soros believes that in the case of the Ukraine default might be a better way to get debt relief, and investors should welcome that strategy. If the Ukraine does default, investors will still have a chance to recoup some of their investments on, but many investors oppose the notion of a default, according to Mr. Soros. Fixing what ails the Ukraine is not easy. The constant pressure from Russia is not making the country a stable economic entity.

The philanthropist and financial expert also think the European Union has some serious issues, and they must be addressed before all hell breaks loose in Europe. The Brexit vote has many EU members nervous, but the British exit is not the major issue. Countries like Spain, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Portugal are holding the EU hostage with their free-spending habits. The migration issue is also creating a major crack in the foundation of the EU, and Soros believes something has to be done quickly to hold the EU together. But nationalism and antiterrorism are the main focus now, and the arrangement with Turkey is not solving those issues.

Read more: Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

The Soros Open Society Foundation works in countries that need help embracing Democracy and freedom. Soros is acutely aware of pending economic and social disasters that are looming across the European continent. Soros may be best known for his investment prowess, but he is also an expert when it comes to predicting the economic stability of countries around the globe. Soros has developed an extensive network in Europe, and even though he is an American citizen, he has a love for his European roots. Soros was born in Hungary 86 years ago.

So what is taking place in the Ukraine is not new for Soros. He understands what it feels like to live in a country that is torn apart by political and economic turmoil. That is one of the reasons George Soros cares so much about the conditions in the Ukraine. George may be worth more than $32 billion, but he still remembers his childhood poverty, and the road he took to get away from it.

Fixing the European Union won’t happen in 2016, and it’s doubtful any progress will be made in 2017 unless European Union leaders change the way they operate. Soros doesn’t believe that Germany will continue to support the EU as it has done in the past, and Soros knows that is a dangerous thought.

Reputation Management Is Good For Business

Online reputation management’s extremely important, and is an essential aspect of running a successful business or managing an organization. It ensures that your organization or brand is seen as a credible source of whatever you are promoting.

Individuals and businesses have always been extremely concerned with protecting their reputation, but the problem has become especially serious with the advent of the Internet. The long-term storage of material and vast volume of data means that people can find old and occasionally suspect information that could possibly damage a reputation. Businesses and people that deal with reputation management make use of a variety of techniques to keep their public image favorable.

A defamatory remark, or bad review, can certainly impede your chances of attracting customers to your company. Positive Online Reputation Reviews are what every business person should aim for, and it is imperative to get as many as possible. The more favorable reviews you get, the more clients or customers you acquire and the more revenue you can generate for your organization. It is advisable to take proactive steps to ensure that only favorable content about your company is shown online and that any negative reviews are pushed down to where potential customers can not see them.

Reputation management campaigns may be performed to maximize the presence of positive or favorable content or to diminish the visibility of harmful remarks or content. One common practice is the creation of desirable content pieces about a business enterprise to counter negative organic content.

Many companies use social media platforms to connect directly with clients and customers. A reputation manager publishes positive content or reviews in sufficient numbers to overwhelm and suppress the unfavorable commentary, causing it to display less conspicuously in search results or on social media sites.

The are many online reputation management firms and professionals out there offering reputation management service but you need to be sure you choose a company that has a proven track record. Once you sign up with a reliable firm, you can rest assured that their service will benefit you tremendously.