December 15, 2016

Most Hedge Fund Investors Missed The Trump Rally According To Madison Street Capital

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Madison Street Capital’s reputation in the merger and acquisition industry is beyond reproach. Co-founders Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala have built a solid boutique investment firm in Chicago, and they are not looking back. Madison Street Capital has a strong client base, and that base keeps expanding. Botchway has been in the investment business long enough to know how to make money. Marsala is one of those “40 under Forty Award” winners that has the industry talking because of the deals he has made over the last couple of years. A recent deal between long-time client, Dowco, and a Mexican company, got the attention of the M&A Advisor Award program. Marsala was nominated for his integrity, leadership, and investment knowledge.



The main reason for Madison Street Capital’s success is, the company stays on course. Botchway and Marsala know where the good deals are thanks to satellite offices in Asia and Africa. The services offered by Madison Street Capital’s staff include business valuation, capital restructuring, corporate governance, buyout advice, bankruptcy direction, employee stock option programs, and tax compliance. Other services like portfolio valuations, tax planning, business exit strategies, wealth management, and restructuring advice, make the staff at Madison Street Capital a full-service investment organization for small and medium size mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is well-known in several industries. The company website has a list of industries that ask Madison Street executives for advice. Some of those industries are transportation, energy, tech, healthcare, retail, wholesale, and mining.



The hedge fund industry is having a challenging year. Most hedge fund investors missed the Trump rally after he won the election. The stock market has been climbing faster than a monkey looking for bananas. But very few hedge funds have been able to keep up or outperform the market during this epic election year. Currency hedge funds have been the exception, and Madison Street Capital’s merger and acquisition fund has responded to the Trump rally. According to Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, 2016 has been better than 2015, in terms of completed M&A deals. D’Cunha thinks 2017 will be an even better year, and some the credit for the increase may be compliments of Donald Trump.



But it is still early to predict what 2017 will bring in the investment business. There is an assortment of variables that could derail another M&A hedge fund rally. Madison Street executives are optimistic because they have done the legwork. Several M&A deals are in the works, and those deals look solid. There are no guarantees in the investment business, but Botchway and Marsala have enough experience and knowledge to guarantee the continued success of Madison Street Capital in the small and medium size M&A industry.



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