December 23, 2016

The Start Of Eos Lip Balm

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On the official EOS website, they describe themselves as a company that makes useful beauty products that include natural lip balm, hand and body lotion and shaving cream that is natural, dermatologist tested and nourished to the skin. The $250 million company sells over one million units of lip balm a week, and sales are increasing by the day. The lip balm has in the last few years taken the markets by storm kicking out the older and bigger brands like Chapstick and Blistex.

Shedding light on the company success the company founders SanjivMehra and Jonathan Teller had an exclusive interview with Fast Company. The idea of a lip balm company came where they saw that a majority of the products in the market were indistinguishable. Nothing made them stand. In their research, they found that the products were unisex, had no flavoring and worse had no hygienic way of application since most people had to use their hands to apply. Seeing that women were the greater demographic that used the products they decided to focus on what would make a woman happy.

The founders set out to make products using their funds, startup capital, and even equipment. EOS lip balm company also decided to use organic products. The products were not easy to get into stores at first as no one knew of it. Luckily a Walgreen’s female buyer who loved the product took a chance with them and they landed their first account. From here sales went up with them getting shelves Wal-Mart and Target. In advertising, they approached millennial celebrities and bloggers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram who talked about the product.

They also tapped into social media where they now have a huge following on Instagram and Facebook. All these moves have finally paid off for the young company as they are now a household name.

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