January 5, 2017

Securus Technologies answers GTL’s misleading press release

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The fourth press release made by GTL was an allegation that the PTAB had already validated GTL’s patents. As such, GTL was only a few months from going to court to show how Securus has always infringed their patents. Securus made a correction to the fact that GTL claimed that they were only a few months away. The company stated that this was unlikely as the company would not have evidence any time soon. In case they get their evidence, the company will get the matter to court in a year’s time. The jury is going to be the only person that determines whether Securus used technologies patented by GTL.


Securus is a leading company that offers solutions for monitoring, public safety, investigation, and corrections. Securus Technologies has issued several corrections concerning press releases published by Global Tel Link. The company believes that GTL’s press releases contain gross errors that are misleading and inaccurate. The purpose of the press release by Securus Technologies was to provide correct information and clarification on incorrect claims by GTL.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link are big competitors in technology within correction facilities. Securus has the upper hand when it comes to experience and the number of patents. Securus has a total of 150 patents whereas GTL has 51. Securus Technologies has been in operation for many decades now. Securus forms the largest communication system for law enforcement programs. Securus specializes in parolee tracking, government information management, and detainee communications.


Securus Technologies currently serves more than 2,500 correction facilities spread across 45 states. The company has international operations in Mexico and Canada. Besides video monitoring and tracking people, Securus has established a communication network for imprisoned people to talk to their families. The firm holds a positive review from Better Business Bureau. It received an A+ grade based on customer experience and customer satisfaction.



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