January 14, 2017

Bob Reina: Improving Lives through Entrepreneurship and Charitable Contributions

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Bob Reina is the innovative entrepreneur behind Talk Fusion, in addition to being deeply committed to numerous philanthropic causes. He founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after recognizing that the internet needed an efficient and easy method of communicating by video. Since its founding, Talk Fusion has grown to become the seventh largest video communications company in the world, with locations in 140 different countries, and their video marketing products available in multiple languages.


Bob Reina’s philanthropic achievements are also quite remarkable and demonstrate his commitment to improving the lives of people and animals. He created and launched a program within Talk Fusion that allows employees of the company to donate a free account to any charity they choose. This program helps to provide high quality communication and marketing methods to those who need it the most, and includes products such as video email, video chat, video newsletters, and sign-up forms. This program fully depicts the culture of giving that is inherent to Talk Fusion as a workplace.


Mr. Reina has readily donated time, finances and resources to many other charities over the years. Over the years he has donated a million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, held fundraisers for providing financial aid to victims of natural disasters overseas, and even helped the Hillsborough Sheriff’s department to find a new dog for their K-9 unit. His also provides support for an orphanage in Indonesia.


The entrepreneurial and philanthropic work of Bob Reina exhibit his dedication to helping others. Through Talk Fusion he has provided important and inventive methods of using the internet for communication, and through his charitable contributions he has greatly improved many lives. Bob Reina’s inspirational work is a stunning example of the power of entrepreneurship.

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