January 16, 2017

Great Lip Balm Flavors

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There are plenty of lip balms to choose from, but the real trick is to choose the one that is going to be the best for you. EOS Lip Balm has a ton of options for you to choose from and that is what makes them a great company to buy your next lip balm from.

How to Pick a Flavor

The first thing to think about when you are choosing a flavor that is going to be the best for you is what you like. If you like fruity flavors, then you might want to stick with blueberry or strawberry. These are great fruit flavors that are great because they only have a hint of flavor and they smell like the fruits they are named after.

Why EOS?

The biggest reason shy you might want to consider EOS is that it’s not an overwhelming taste in the lip balm. It’s just enough that you don’t feel like you are overdoing the flavor because it’s more subtle than some of the other brands. It also has a great coloring that doesn’t transfer on the lips. This makes the the lip balm better than some of the others that are bolder.

There are a lot of things that you should consider when you are looking at getting the lip balm that you want from Amazon and the flavor that you want. You should remember the different things that you look for when you are looking at a good lip balm. Take your time and you will find the one that will be right for you, but don’t rule out EOS as it has great things that make it a wonderful lip balm. Visit the (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) website and Facebook page for more product information.



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