March 12, 2017

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications

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Update 3/12/2017:
Jim Hunt of VTA Publications just started a new blog. At the website,, Jim provides his expert insight totally free of charge. Basically, it’s a view into the type of tips that you’ll receive when you’re enrolled in a VTA course. Just enough to whet your appetite, but not enough for you to become a millionaire. . .yet. Still, it’s a good read and has some really helpful and logical tips for those looking to break into investing for the first time.

Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications Ltd., as well as a financial adviser. Founded in 2012, VTA Publications Ltd. publishes long distance educational courses and organizes special interest events and seminars. In particular the company offers courses that teach customers the fields of economics and financials.

Jim Hunt is a financial expert, and has deep knowledge of how to make trades in all types of market conditions on PRNewsChannel. He is well known for freely sharing his financial advice on YouTube and runs a popular channel.

VTA Publications came about when Jim Hunt decided that smaller investors needed financial advise and retirement help that they weren’t getting from the banks. To advertise is company he uses direct mail marketing as he finds that to be the most effective way to reach people. He has tried many other methods of advertising in the past but experienced a great deal of failure with them.

Jim also provides advise on how to be an entrepreneur on His biggest advise is that to create a business you need to identify what people have a problem with and then identify a solution you have for it. He also advises using Clickbank and get into the information publishing field. This free resource has many products you can choose from and sale as an affiliate. When running your business he suggests using Infusionsoft as a data management system and Aweber in order to create your webpage.

In a series of YouTube Videos Mr. Hunt is releasing a series he has entitled, “Make Mum a Millionaire”. In this series his goal is to prove that using his system he can make his mother a tax-free millionaire in just 10 trades on His proprietary method involves seeking out what “The Establishment” are accumulating and then buy those stocks, making money as the value of the stocks increases.

Mr. Hunt has also launched “Wealth Wave” from VTA Publications. This is a series of DVD’s and seminars that gives people information on how to spot and upcoming Bear Market and makes lots of money when the markets drop.

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