June 2, 2017

Tony Petrello the Masterplanner behind Nabors Industry Success

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Nabors Industries Ltd is among the leading firms in the oil business. Without proper leadership, the industry could not have achieved its success. Tony Petrello is the CEO of the enterprise, a position he holds dearly. Through his leadership, Nabors has become one of the most reputable companies in the oil sector. Before being promoted to the post of the Chief Executive Officer, he served as the Chief Operating Officer. Before joining Nabors, Tony Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie, a renowned law firm that focuses on International arbitration, taxation, and policies that govern corporate institutions. He held the post of the managing director at the law firm leaving a positive impact.

Tony Petrello has a strong academic background with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics, which he received from Yale University. He after that obtained a Juris Doctor Degree from the Harvard School of Law. Tony Petrello was hired by Nabors Industries to take over from Eugene Isenberg who left the CEO position which he had held for over 20 years. He is responsible for developing strategies for the company and running its businesses. Through his leadership, Nabors has become popular across the world as the best firm to hire.

Tony Petrello has been very committed to ensuring that Nabors excels. He was named the company chairman in 2012, and any decision affecting the company can only be passed with his consent. To reward his efforts, Nabors pays Tony Petrello a good salary, and his name has been listed among the best-paid executives in the world. Tony Petrello has improved the working conditions for Nabors workers ensuring that they work under a safe environment. Nabors earned the HERO Award that recognizes firms in the oil industry that provides safety to workers in 2011; this was after workers in their Tuckwell rig survived a spill. This recognition built the company’s reputation, and Tony Petrello is working hard to ensure employees are always safe on site.

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