August 4, 2017

Big Beneful Savings At Walmart

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For those of us who have our furry bestfriends, we like to treat them well. We do this by filling their bowls with delicious food for them to enjoy. This food for my furry friend is Beneful commercial, which he loves by the way, a health conscious, yet affordable dog food brand. I have shopped this brand many times over, and with all of their choices it’s hard to get bored, but when it comes to which store has the best stock and prices I always choose my neighborhood store, Walmart. Walmart has a large and eclectic stock of Beneful products ranging from wet foods to grain free foods. For a 15 pound dry food bag the cost will be about 14 dollars. Even though 14 dollars is already a great deal for this food, you can use coupons to get an even more discounted price. To do this search “Beneful Coupons” at and print them out for your next purchase. Walmart is a great place to shop for Beneful and a great way to save on Beneful.


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