August 26, 2017

If You Love Israel It’s Your Time to Earn

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Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation announced recently that it is ready to award the artists, who will come up with the best pro-Israel memes. Adam Milstein, the CEO of the Foundation is an Israel native, who is known for being a philanthropist and a leader. Notably, his philanthropy is mainly geared towards strengthening the Jewish people as well as the Israel State. Adam Milstein also supports many organizations through the Adam and Gila Foundation. Adam Milstein’s wife is called Gila and together their have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Recently Adam Milstein noted that the generation Z and the Millennial Generation communicate best using memes. Therefore, he stated that the participants will be allowed to use image macros such as hash tags, videos, websites, as well as images. These will easily go viral over the social media, making their rating by the public audience easy. Adam Milstein also stated that the contest is all done to show love for Israel as well as create fun about the situations in Israel.

Adam Milstein further stated that people from all geographical locations and tribes will be allowed to present their memes. The submissions will be received on Friday at 6 a.m. The public will then be allowed to vote as from 3rd August 6 a. m. and the voting will be closed at Midnight on 14th August. The winners will then be selected by the panel, which consists of 6 high school and college students from the Adam and Gila Einstein Foundation. They will make their results public on 17th August. Contestants and votes should note that all the time is in eastern standard rating.

The winners who will be selected will earn a total of $2000 in cash prizes. The panelist will be authorized to choose one-first place winner, two-second place winners, and five-third place winners. The public will mainly vote in form of Facebook reacts such as angry, happy, wow, haha, love and the like. The person who gets the most positive votes will be considered a winner. Moreover, the panelists decided that each of the participants is only allowed to vote 5 times.

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