August 27, 2017

A History of George Soros Return to Politics

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George Soros is one of the most prominent, active, and vocal progressives in the world. He is, of course, also a billionaire. Soros is a self made man who was born and raised in Hungary before emigrating to London and then New York City. Soros is well known for his work with the Soros Hedge Fund but he is probably most proud of his work with his charitable endeavors alongside the Open Society Foundations. Let’s get a closer look at Soros’ history because you are going to be hearing his name a whole heck of a lot more in the coming years as Donald Trump tries to push his way through a brutal presidency.Raised in Hungary, Soros thought he would be there his whole life — that was until 1944. In 1944 Nazi forces occupied the country and over the next year they would systematically abduct and murder nearly 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Among them was Soros family but they managed to escape, helping ferry away countless others before ultimately running away to London.

Soros saw first hand how a dangerous and violent brand of nationalism could literally unglue the world at its seams. This was a lesson he took to heart and it was something that would guide his studies in the U.K. at the London School of Economics. Soros would work two jobs in order to pay for his studies while becoming familiar with the works of philosophers like Karl Popper.Eventually Soros would move to New York where he started working on Wall Street. By 1969 Soros started up the Hedge Fund, which would later fall under the re-branded name of Quantum Fund. Since then the rest has largely been history. Soros has racked up a gigantic net worth while becoming a constant hero for progressive causes.

Now, with the 2016 Presidential election behind us we can look at how George Soros is going to become a thorn in the side of the caustic presidency of reality star Donald Trump.Donald Trump and George Soros are two men that represent the opposite sides of reality. Soros is self made to the core and he has worked his entire life to fight for the things he believes in. Donald Trump inherited wealth from his father and became famous for saying “You’re fired.” Different kinds of people indeed. Soros and Trump do not see eye to eye on anything and that is why Soros had to jump back into politics to make his voice heard. Soros spared no expense and pulled no punches during the 2016 election as he campaigned for and raised funds for progressive candidates throughout the United States. George Soros has returned and he is ready to make a difference.

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