September 27, 2017

Richard Mishaan Design: Leading Designer in the World

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Richard Mishaan is a leading world-class architect and interior design. His works of design are something to be admired even by his fellow designers. He comes up with unique designs that are not only unique but also impressive. As an architect, he has achieved so much and has been the lead designer of various prime hotels and homes in the United States. Richard Mishaan was born Columbia. He was partially brought up in Columbia and Italy before moving to the New York, U.S. Richard Mishaan holds a degree in architecture from the Columbia school of architecture as well as a bachelor of arts from the University of New York.

Richard Mishaan established Richard Mishaan Design Company to be able to effectively run his talent as a business. From a very young age, Richard Mishaan had developed a liking for architectural and design work that he could see around his Columbia neighborhood. His upbringing highly influenced him since Columbia is of the countries that appreciate colorful designs and has a deep-rooted culture.

Richard Mishaan has perfected the art of combining fashion, architecture and interior design to develop some of the best designs to be ever witnessed in the world. Richard Mishaan is also an author and has written two books entitled “Modern Luxury” and Artfully Modern”.

Richard has mentored many architects and designers who look up to him for inspiration. He is widely admired for his quality designs which are jaw-dropping. Richard has left a permanent mark in all buildings that he has worked on. They mainly include lavish hotels and luxury homes.

Richard Mishaan acknowledges that he gets his inspiration from the surroundings. The things he observes everyday influences almost all of his design works. He also adds that as a designer, he has been able to visit exotic places, watched movies, attended art exhibitions and keeps himself updated with the current fashion trends. All these influence his imagination.

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