October 11, 2017

Review: Dr. Jennifer Walden & Her Pursuit of Excellence

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When it comes to plastic surgery, the industry is full of professional individuals who specialize in this advanced field of work. Unfortunately, every individual doesn’t provide the same high-level of quality work. Dr. Jennifer Walden isn’t one of those plastic surgeons, and she has a remarkable resume of success. She also has copious amounts of satisfied and happy clients. Walden is the daughter of a surgical nurse and a dentist. Following in her parents’ professional footsteps have turned out to be a blessing as she has one of the most successful private practices in Texas. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is the name and creating works of art is the game.

This remarkable private practice is located in the Westlake Hills region of Austin, Texas. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center provides great cosmetic work, and it is very ethical. The goal is to help people get their confidence back and what better way of achieving this than with cosmetic surgery? After graduating from Anderson High School, she obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas. Although she was waitlisted at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she would go on to graduate as the salutatorian of her class. Walden has spent up to seven years in New York City, and this is where she would obtain her fellowship. By 2011, she would move back to her home state to open her very own practice and more

Dr. Walden is the epitome of success, and she has grown into a great television personality. She has been hosted on shows such as Dr. 90210, ABC’s 20/20, VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession and on CBS’ The Early Show. This brilliant Austin, Texas, woman has changed the game of plastic surgery, and she has given inspiration to many women on a global scale.


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