November 22, 2017

Samuel Strauch- Use Of Bitcoin In Miami Real Estate

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Bitcoin is a digital currencies that have surprised many financial analysts and investors lately. In just a matter of about 6 years, bitcoin has been able to move from being equivalent to one dollar to now being equivalent to over seven thousand dollars. Bitcoin which first came into the limelight in 2009 have be gaining steadily and it is expected to continue with this path of an increase in value. Information about bitcoin have been prevalent in our media as experts try to debunk myths about bitcoin. One thing that is apparent is that bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin has gained attraction with many investors in various sectors of the economy adopting it as a means if doing business. Bitcoin which has mostly been used in online financial trading has now penetrated the conservative sectors such as the real estate. In Miami, bitcoin has already entered the Miami real estate sector. Investors in the reals estate market have been willing to accept bitcoins as a way of trading their property.

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One of the biggest players in the Miami real estate market Samuel Strauch says that the time for technology to influence the real estate sector has reached. Bitcoins will have to be used in the market since that is where technology has gotten us. Miami Real estate sector is one of the most lucrative in the world. It attracts people from all corners of the world. This diversity of the people have made it possible for bitcoin to penetrate the market. Going forth, more transactions are expected to be made using bitcoin.

Why is bitcoin preferable for real estate transaction than the traditional banking systems? Bitcoin is one of the safest and yet one of the easiest means of doing business, with just an internet connection, it is possible to transact business. It is very fast and yet charges almost insignificant amounts of money. This is unlike banks which may charge up to $10000 to complete real estate deals.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investors in Miami. He is the owner of Metrik Real Estate firm. He started this firm in 2002. Samuel Strauch has worked very hard to ensure that his company provides the best real estate services in the country.

Samuel Strauch hopes to use his wide experience in the real estate sector to help home buyers and sellers get desirable deals.

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