November 25, 2017

Tony Petrello’s Academic Journey

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Tony Petrello (also known as Anthony Petrello) is the president of Nabors Industries Ltd. The company based in Hamilton Bermuda is a global drilling contractor in the oil and natural gas industry. Nabors is one of the most respected oil and gas companies in the U.S. Last year, the company posted revenues slightly above $2 billion and a net income of $1 billion. It is a significant employer not only in the U.S but also across the world. Presently, Nabors has over 30 thousand employees. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Tony is committed to making the outfit successful.

At the helm of Nabors, many people might be carried away with the power and respect that Tony commands; he appears to them as a formidable executive. However, the story behind Tony’s life is what everyone can relate to especially children experiencing somewhat a problematic childhood. Tony was born and raised in Newark, a modest Italian neighborhood in New Jersey. He did not experience a colorful childhood as he attended small public school. However, Tony realized early enough that the only way he could succeed and help his family was through education.

Tony’s life immediately he learned to read was characterized by numerous hours spent going through academic textbooks. And he soon discovered that he was good at Math. He spent time nurturing his skills in Mathematics especially algebra and calculus. In fact, the two branches of Mathematics become his breakthrough in his 18th birthday when Yale University spotted his expertise and awarded him a full scholarship to study at the campus.

It was a dream come true for Tony. His parents were elated by the news that their child would attend Yale University; an institution they would have found costly to pay for Tony’s fees. Tony vowed to utilize the rare opportunity to guarantee better future not only for himself but also his family. And so his journey though Yale began.

Tony’s passion for Mathematics culminated at Yale. In fact, at some point, he worked alongside respected mathematical theorist, Serge Lang. However, something changed in Tony; he was longer as interested in Math as he was when he joined Yale. Tony, being a decisive individual, quit Yale for Harvard Law School. He studied law maintaining his passion for education.

Just like other graduates, navigating life after school was tough for Tony. He worked different firms before eventually landing a job at Nabors. He spent a considerable period working for the global institution before his appointment as the president of the company.

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