George Soros; Giving All Your Fortune To Charity

George Soros bounced into the limelight when he made a single currency wager in 1992 against the British Pound and earned a fortune within 24 hours. This event branded him the moniker “The man who broke the bank of England.” Soros pocketed over $1 billion from the bet confirming his position in the world of currency speculation. The billionaire has interest in various sectors of the global economy. The Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations are some of the most notable success stories of the entrepreneur.

Now, George Soros has caused a significant stir in the non-profit world by announcing that he has transferred over $18 billion to the management of his charity, the Open Society Foundations. Pundits and mainstream media have described this move by George Soros as one of the most prominent acts of kindness from an individual in the history of America.

The transfer of over 80 percent of his net worth has earned OSF the status of second largest charity in the US after the Bill and Melinda Gates organization. According to the Foundation Center, the Open Society Foundations has cemented its position in the world of philanthropy.

George Soros is not only involved with initiatives that seek to better the lives of individuals in various communities across the globe but also plans that ensure governments are accountable and transparent. In the past, the billionaire has put his donated significant amounts of his wealth to liberal courses. In the run-up to the 2016 US election, the entrepreneur was one of the most prominent donors to the Democratic Party. He funded the campaign of presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton and other candidates in the Democratic Party.

At 87, George Soros has relinquished his roles in the day-to-day management of his hedge fund and charity to his chief investment officer and son respectively. Soros believes that individuals can rise against known evils in the society and help their fellow human beings.

George Soros was born in the Eastern Europe nation, Hungary, and experienced first-hand the cruelty of unchecked governments. His country was taken over by the Nazis, and his father had to procure false identities so that they could survive the war. When Soros got a chance to move to London, he enrolled into the London School of Economics where he met a don who mentored him. Professor Karl Popper introduced George Soros to the philosophy of open governments.

In as much as many individuals choose to misunderstand George Soros’ generosity, the entrepreneur is undeterred in his quest to ensure that more people benefit from his organization. Soros believes that one of the ways through which the society can achieve its goals is by providing quality education to its youth.

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George Soros Makes Ones Of The Largest Transfer Of Personal Money To A Nonprofit Ever

As one of the largest philanthropists on the globe, George Soros in recent years have provided the Open Society Foundations with $18 billion. He started this foundation many years ago in order to help bring democracy to more countries and to defend human rights. His Open Society Foundations is now eclipsed only by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation when it comes to how much money they to fight for the causes they believe in.

After starting the Open Society Foundations 30 years ago, he gave it about $800 to $900 million each year. This amount drastically increased a few years ago as he began planning for what to do with his estate. In the next few years he has indicated that he’ll give his foundation another $2 billion of his fortune. George Soros is also involved in politics and financially backs politicians who he agrees with. In the 2016 election, for example, he made a few large donations to the campaign for Hillary Clinton as well as other Democrats running for office. He also provided money to a number of super PACS who released ads opposing Donald Trump, for instance and more

Over the years right-wing conspiracy theorists have sought to demonize George Soros and his philanthropy. He gets routinely accused of starting every Democratic trend, such as Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movements, for example. It was even claimed that he paid for the white-nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville. The twisted logic to make this claim was that he designed it to be a false-flag operation.

Somehow George Soros’ philanthropy to spread democracy and support human rights has become the biggest target against him. Right-wing websites, such as Breitbart, which is led by Steve Bannon, call his foundation the “Death Star” due to its financial size. They use the specter of George Soros in order to undermine grassroots campaigns that have nothing to do with him on a regular basis. They also use his philanthropy to muddy the waters and make people think that everything that happens has some nefarious agenda behind it.

George Soros was a Jewish boy in Hungary when it came under the occupation of Nazi Germany. He managed to survive but escaped in 1947 when the nation became communist. His first stop was London where he earned his college education. He then moved to New York City in the United States and opened a company on Wall Street. For many years he had huge success running a hedge fund and making smart financial investments.

One of the financial trades that George Soros is best known for is his bet in 1992 against the British Pound. He put down $1 billion saying that the currency wasn’t worth what it was trading at. By aggressively selling this currency he eventually forced the British government to devalue their currency, leading to people calling him “The man who broke the Bank of England”.

The Neurocore Brain Performance Center : Three Little Known Facts About Depression

There are many myths, rumors, and flat out untruthful tales that swirl around the disorder of depression. Many of them are so false, it is not even funny. Here are three little known facts on depression plus how the Neurocore Brain Performance Center has taken scientifically based research and created lasting treatments for this disorder.

Fact #1 : Depression can be treated. It has been proven that the earlier treatment begins the better, but it also has been shown that treatment can start at any time and still be effective. Traditional treatments can be a combination of drugs and therapy, while some alternative treatments are medication free for example, neurofeedback therapy. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Someone who shows signs of depression should be encouraged to seek professional help. It is important to share the facts that there are healthcare providers that specialize in this sort of treatment. Exposure to knowledge and education are key to helping those that do not know it is available.

Fact #2 : Depression is not all in the mind. Depression can also be felt physically in the body. Some common signs are headaches, stomach distress, and difficulty breathing with shortness of breath. There are other signs and physical symptoms too that a skilled provider can help tackle.

Fact #3 : There is so much more we can do for depression. The researchers in this field have made great advances but can do so much more with proper funding. Depression is not heavily funded. Did you know it only gets 1/100 of the funding that breast cancer researchers do? Read more at about Neurocore.

At Neurocore Experience there has been technological breakthroughs in non-invasive treatment of depression. At the Center, a complete mapping of the brain is created and then assessments are made, from these facts a unique-to-you program is individualized to help each person train their brain in the most effective manner.

Through regular use, this programs creates lasting change and helps conquer all the myths that swirl around depression.


Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna, originally from New Orleans, LA, is a licensed in both surgery and medicine by the state of Georgia and the state of Florida medical examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna is both passionate about helping his patients and his community.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School, and moved on to practicing medicine along side his father. During that time, Dr. Mark McKenna was also launching a business of his own called McKenna Venture Investments.

McKenna Venture Investments was a real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments quickly added Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. With over 50 employees, the business offered real estate closing services, newly modeled move in ready homes, and financing services.

In Augusr of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans hard. It destroyed the city of New Orleans along with Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate development business. Although down, he was not out. Dr. Mark McKenna helped his community of New Orleans rebuild.

In November of 2007, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta, where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a wellness and asthetic based practice for medicine. After about 7 years, ShapeMed was then sold to Lifetime Fitness, Inc.

Dr. McKenna continued to serve as National Medical Director of Lifetime Fitness until 2016. And in 2017, he founded OVME. OVME is a aesthetic basdd medical pratice that incorporates technology in their treatment of patients. They are striving to be innovative in healthcare field.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married. He and his wife have one daughter together. One of Dr. McKenna’s favorite ways to start his day is by enjoying breakfast with daughter. This helps him be more productive throughout the day. One of his favorite ways to end his productive day is by having dinner with his family and then relaxing by practicing Jiu Jitsu.

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Lori Senecal a Transformative Leader who is Revolutionizing the Marketing Industry

Lori Senecal is the current Chief Executive Officer of Global at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Senecal comes from a very successful family, and the achievements of her siblings motivated her to work even harder in life and achieve her goals. Lori professional background is in Sales and marketing and ever since she graduated from the University She has led a very successful career in the marketing world. Senecal is a transformative leader and has greatly transformed companies using her excellent marketing skills. Her unique style of bringing out the best in people and organization has made her one of the most sought-after marketers by different organizations. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Career Life

Lori Senecal has served in various positions in different companies and world leading brands such as Staples, Nestle, InBev, Nabisco, Sprint, weight watchers and Molson among others. Senecal has also worked as Coca Cola’s Global Accounts Director. Senecal in 2005 served as a Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worlwide Communications Group Inc, a position she held until 2008. Senecal was very instrumental in the realization of TAG Ideation, and as a result, she was appointed by McCann Erickson Worldwide a subsidiary of the McCann World Group to serve as the Co-Managing Director of TAG New York. Due to her exemplary performance, Lori Senecal was elevated to the position of Accounts Managing Director and Executive Vice President of McCann World Group. Lori later left the company, and in the year 2009, she joined Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners as President, CEO, and Partner. In 2014 Lori worked for MDC Partners as a Director and CEO a position she held until early 2015. In March of 2015, Lori moved to Crispin Porter and Bogusky where she served as the Worldwide Chief Executive Officer. Lori Senecal in April of 2015 became the Director of the Advertising Council, Inc. Visit YouTube to see more videos of their conference.


Lori Senecal has been able to achieve a lot in her career life as a marketer. Among her achievements, in 2013 Lori was recognized in the AWNY Game Changer Awards and was awarded a Quantum Leap Award for her innovativeness and inspiring leadership capabilities. In 2014 Lori was named as the woman to watch in the world of advertising and most recently in 2017 Fast Company recognized her as the Most Creative Person in Business. Check out her website

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Rocketship Education: Supporting Students First

Support from families and the community can help an induvial achieve anything that they set their mind too. In fact, by only adding more parental involvement in their studies students are able to achieve significantly more than they would have otherwise. Rocketship Education, a charter school operating over 20 schools has discovered this and uses the power of community to elevate struggling school systems. This nonprofit is on a mission to eliminate the achievement gap found in underserved communities within our lifetime. They believe that every student regardless of circumstance can achieve greatness if they put their mind to it.

In conjunction with that belief Rocketship schools encourage students to identify themselves as rocketeers. This nickname allows them to build a sense of connection with the school as well as encouraging the idea that any among them can take off and achieve higher things. The school also encourages staff members to become involved with the community and forge a personal relationship with parents and students. Instructors are required to meet with student’s parents at least once and often they meet more often. The instructor uses this time to encourage parents to become involved with their child’s studies as well as offer advice on how the parent can be successful in supporting learning.

These visits are not only limited to helping the parents, they have the added benefit of giving the teacher a more comprehensive view of what each student needs. This information is vital in developing a plan of instruction for the child. Rocketship Education also seeks to support students outside of school by addressing factors that make them unable to focus on their education. For instance, when a flood threatened the stabilities of many student’s homes the school quickly began looking for solutions. Working with local Catholic charities Rocketship Education was able to raise over $62,000. This money was quickly directed to relief efforts. Without this vital support from their school, many students would have been unable to continue learning effectively. This comprehensive and supportive approach is why Rocketship Education is a leader in Education.


Sentient AI Promotes Personalization of Merchandising for Businesses

Sentient Technologies Holdings Limited has issued many businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is used by businesses to promote e-commerce. In their technological advances, Sentient AI has led to personalization of merchandising. This technique has made shopping more personal for most shoppers. Retailers and wholesalers who have adapted AI technology have increased in the number of clients that they serve on a daily basis.

For personalization of merchandising to be effective, the company invented Sentient Aware that has visualized operations for the firms and their shoppers. This invention details the specification of products that the buyers are willing to purchase. The tools used for accessing the websites have also been personalized. Companies have therefore benefited from using Sentient AI due to the speed and efficiency in choosing products from the retailers’ online websites.

AI technology has transformed operations for businesses by inventing e-commerce. With this, firms have thrived in digital marketing hence promoting the brands of the products that they deal with. The invention of Sentient Aware has simplified the arrangement of products in online shops. Individual customers can, therefore, interact with the products in a systematic manner while making decisions on the ones to buy. The software, Sentient Aware also keeps tracks of previous shopping lists of various customers hence storing reliable data. The data is used by shoppers to budget for the items they frequently buy from the online shop.

Personalization of business activities has simplified shopping in that Sentient Aware assist customers in choosing the products they want to buy judging from their previous purchases. This new approach has led to consumers buying high-quality products with the most preferred sizes and even colors that suit their needs.

Moreover, AI technology uses these preferences to help buyers find alternative products in case the goods they want to purchase are out of stock. This way firms still have a chance to earn revenues from their sales. The personalization of experiences through e-commerce has indeed promoted the growth of various entrepreneurial ventures and investments.

Amidst the heightened levels of competition that many businesses go through, firms that have acquired the personalized ways of doing business have excelled. This is because shoppers prefer personalized experiences to the old systems of online trading. In consequence, retailers and wholesalers have exploited the use of websites to earn more profits for their ventures.

Indeed, Sentient AI is what every business needs for it to promote its customer delivery which translates into enormous profit turnovers. Follow Sentient’s profile on Linkedin.