December 13, 2017

Rocketship Education: Supporting Students First

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Support from families and the community can help an induvial achieve anything that they set their mind too. In fact, by only adding more parental involvement in their studies students are able to achieve significantly more than they would have otherwise. Rocketship Education, a charter school operating over 20 schools has discovered this and uses the power of community to elevate struggling school systems. This nonprofit is on a mission to eliminate the achievement gap found in underserved communities within our lifetime. They believe that every student regardless of circumstance can achieve greatness if they put their mind to it.

In conjunction with that belief Rocketship schools encourage students to identify themselves as rocketeers. This nickname allows them to build a sense of connection with the school as well as encouraging the idea that any among them can take off and achieve higher things. The school also encourages staff members to become involved with the community and forge a personal relationship with parents and students. Instructors are required to meet with student’s parents at least once and often they meet more often. The instructor uses this time to encourage parents to become involved with their child’s studies as well as offer advice on how the parent can be successful in supporting learning.

These visits are not only limited to helping the parents, they have the added benefit of giving the teacher a more comprehensive view of what each student needs. This information is vital in developing a plan of instruction for the child. Rocketship Education also seeks to support students outside of school by addressing factors that make them unable to focus on their education. For instance, when a flood threatened the stabilities of many student’s homes the school quickly began looking for solutions. Working with local Catholic charities Rocketship Education was able to raise over $62,000. This money was quickly directed to relief efforts. Without this vital support from their school, many students would have been unable to continue learning effectively. This comprehensive and supportive approach is why Rocketship Education is a leader in Education.


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