December 18, 2017

Dr. Mark McKenna

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Dr. Mark McKenna, originally from New Orleans, LA, is a licensed in both surgery and medicine by the state of Georgia and the state of Florida medical examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna is both passionate about helping his patients and his community.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School, and moved on to practicing medicine along side his father. During that time, Dr. Mark McKenna was also launching a business of his own called McKenna Venture Investments.

McKenna Venture Investments was a real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments quickly added Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. With over 50 employees, the business offered real estate closing services, newly modeled move in ready homes, and financing services.

In Augusr of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans hard. It destroyed the city of New Orleans along with Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate development business. Although down, he was not out. Dr. Mark McKenna helped his community of New Orleans rebuild.

In November of 2007, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta, where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a wellness and asthetic based practice for medicine. After about 7 years, ShapeMed was then sold to Lifetime Fitness, Inc.

Dr. McKenna continued to serve as National Medical Director of Lifetime Fitness until 2016. And in 2017, he founded OVME. OVME is a aesthetic basdd medical pratice that incorporates technology in their treatment of patients. They are striving to be innovative in healthcare field.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married. He and his wife have one daughter together. One of Dr. McKenna’s favorite ways to start his day is by enjoying breakfast with daughter. This helps him be more productive throughout the day. One of his favorite ways to end his productive day is by having dinner with his family and then relaxing by practicing Jiu Jitsu.

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