December 18, 2017

The Neurocore Brain Performance Center : Three Little Known Facts About Depression

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There are many myths, rumors, and flat out untruthful tales that swirl around the disorder of depression. Many of them are so false, it is not even funny. Here are three little known facts on depression plus how the Neurocore Brain Performance Center has taken scientifically based research and created lasting treatments for this disorder.

Fact #1 : Depression can be treated. It has been proven that the earlier treatment begins the better, but it also has been shown that treatment can start at any time and still be effective. Traditional treatments can be a combination of drugs and therapy, while some alternative treatments are medication free for example, neurofeedback therapy.

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Someone who shows signs of depression should be encouraged to seek professional help. It is important to share the facts that there are healthcare providers that specialize in this sort of treatment. Exposure to knowledge and education are key to helping those that do not know it is available.

Fact #2 : Depression is not all in the mind. Depression can also be felt physically in the body. Some common signs are headaches, stomach distress, and difficulty breathing with shortness of breath. There are other signs and physical symptoms too that a skilled provider can help tackle.

Fact #3 : There is so much more we can do for depression. The researchers in this field have made great advances but can do so much more with proper funding. Depression is not heavily funded. Did you know it only gets 1/100 of the funding that breast cancer researchers do? Read more at about Neurocore.

At Neurocore Experience there has been technological breakthroughs in non-invasive treatment of depression. At the Center, a complete mapping of the brain is created and then assessments are made, from these facts a unique-to-you program is individualized to help each person train their brain in the most effective manner.

Through regular use, this programs creates lasting change and helps conquer all the myths that swirl around depression.


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