Whitney Wolfe Herd Improving Online Dating

The dating game has certainly evolved over the years. Cyber technology has dramatically adjusted everything. You can now swipe when you find that special someone.

Tinder was an app that revolutionized dating to some degree. Whitney Wolfe Herd was a part of that process. She served as the Vice President of Marketing for Tinder. The Southern Methodist University graduate had an apparent knack for marketing in the tech world. She is consider by many to be an innovator. Her next venture proved that to be true.

Her vast knowledge of cyber dating led to her being highly sought out in the industry. She was eventually approached by Badoo founder Andrey Adreev. Adreev suggested the two should collaborate on a new dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd had an incredible vision. The Salt Lake City born and raise girl knew what she wanted in a dating app. She thought women would love the ability to have complete control in the cyber dating world. She envisioned an app where women could be empowered. She came up with Bumble. Bumble was launched by Herd and Adreev in 2014.

The dating app was free to download. Users could pay an additional $9.99 subscription fee for extra benefits. Bumble began to blossom quickly. It was unique. It allowed women the opportunity to find higher quality men. Men couldn’t send a message to a woman unless she had messaged that man first. The app disallowed fake profiles with a unique photo verification process. Women began to notice the difference.

The dating app has already achieved 27 million downloads in a short run. Bumble is a major force in the dating app world thanks to Whitney Wolfe Herald. The company now has over 30 employees based in their Austin headquarters. 50,000 new users hop aboard Bumble each day. It’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Whitney Wolfe Herd earned national recognition for her efforts with Bumble. Business Insider named her to their own “30 Most Important Women Under 30” list in 2014. She was also listed in Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list. Herd is now in the process of launching BumbleBiz. It’s a professional site similar to LinkedIn. Her aim is to once again continue to empower women through business channels. She is penning a memoir entitled “Make the First Move.” Her move to create Bumble was ground-breaking.

Contact Whitney Wolfe: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Dr. Mofid Mark-Offering Improved Plastic Surgery in San Diego

Dr. Mofid mark is a reputable plastic surgeon based in La Jolla and San Diego. He completed his undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He completed his medical degree and undertook general surgery training and plastic surgery at John Hopkins University. Dr. Mofid Mark has been helping men and women who are looking to improve their appearances and enhance their lives. His careful and contentious approach to plastic surgery runs across all aspects of his practice. He has friendly staffs operating in a comfortable office. Among the services offered include facelift, breast augmentation, laser hair surgery and breast augmentation. The treatment is provided according to each patient’s body which results in excellently satisfying results.

Dr. Mofid Mark mission is to provide personal and conscious services from reception all the post-recovery period. The staff makes the procedure both pleasant and seamless for the patient. They are committed to achieve the best quality and stay abreast with up to date techniques in cosmetic surgery. They value their patient’s goals and time. Patients are treated to honest, personal and accurate sessions. Dr. Mofid’s patients are treated in the La Jolla comfortable surgery office.

Dr. Mofid arranges a private consultation to learn what are the interests and goals of the patient. Once he knows the objectives of the patient, he will establish a methodology to achieve those results. Each patient is allocated enough time to address any question about cosmetic surgery he/she may have.

Dr. Mofid mark has perfected the science of Butt augmentation by solving some of the challenges he found in the field. The implants available at the time were way too huge for intramuscular placement and gravity would pull them to an inferior position. He developed the round Gluteal implantech that solved both of the two challenges. The implants do not look fake in any way since they are very proportional.


Securus Technologies: Opening a New Business Venture

Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunications company in the United States today. The company has been around for years, but they just recently decided to go on different business ventures that would provide them with additional revenue and income. One of the latest acquisitions that the company went under is with GovPayNet. Securus Technologies purchased the payment processing company to make sure that each transaction required to pay the government can be done instantly. According to Securus Technologies, they have an advance system inside the company that can allow up to 40 million payments per year.



Securus Technologies welcomed GovPayNet to their family, stating that the inclusion of one of the leading payment processing companies in the United States would become vital in their business. Currently, Securus Technologies depends on the accounts created by the families of the prisoners for them to use the devices and it’s included features that have been given by Securus Technologies.



GovPayNet services more than 26% of the total counties in the United States. They stated that the inclusion of the company to the business empire created by Securus Technologies would help them to reach more places in the United States that they have never been to. GovPayNet is also expecting a great relationship with their new owners, stating that they will do their best to serve the people right. GovPayNet can be used by everyone who has debit or credit card, and using the system can be very easy.



Securus Technologies continues to serve the prisons and provide them with everything that they need. In the future, the company can see that the relatives of those locked in will be using the system to let them out.



Running Your Own Business With Market America

Franchises are ideal for people who have the money and structure for them, but many people simply want to run a company that they can benefit from without all of the annoying and costly fees. The way for you to do this is by giving Market America a try for yourself. With Market America, you run and open a website, market it to your needs and then sell products that are provided from a third-party service. You get to then keep a large percentage of the sale, which basically allows you to run a company without needing to do anything other than have a site maintained and published online.

The reason a lot of people have been utilizing the Market America company is because it’s a proven method of business ownership that works. You also get to run the company of your choosing right from the comfort of home, so you don’t need to worry about working long hours or meeting with clients. You simply sell products online, use the Market America marketing tools available and get your name and brand out there for the world to make use of themselves. Thousands of people have made use of this company with great success and are thrilled with what it has been able to do for them and their families.

Market America likes to think of itself as the un-franchise because of the fact that you get to run a franchise, in its own respect, without the franchise regulations and fees. Also, everything is done right from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to worry about buying property or running something that requires hiring employees. This makes Market America a great choice for stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs and people who are disabled and still want to work from home. You can check out their website to learn more about their company and what they are able to do for you. They can help you to get started online with a company that you can be running for years to come with great success and lots of new customers.

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