February 3, 2018

Securus Technologies: Opening a New Business Venture

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Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunications company in the United States today. The company has been around for years, but they just recently decided to go on different business ventures that would provide them with additional revenue and income. One of the latest acquisitions that the company went under is with GovPayNet. Securus Technologies purchased the payment processing company to make sure that each transaction required to pay the government can be done instantly. According to Securus Technologies, they have an advance system inside the company that can allow up to 40 million payments per year.



Securus Technologies welcomed GovPayNet to their family, stating that the inclusion of one of the leading payment processing companies in the United States would become vital in their business. Currently, Securus Technologies depends on the accounts created by the families of the prisoners for them to use the devices and it’s included features that have been given by Securus Technologies.



GovPayNet services more than 26% of the total counties in the United States. They stated that the inclusion of the company to the business empire created by Securus Technologies would help them to reach more places in the United States that they have never been to. GovPayNet is also expecting a great relationship with their new owners, stating that they will do their best to serve the people right. GovPayNet can be used by everyone who has debit or credit card, and using the system can be very easy.



Securus Technologies continues to serve the prisons and provide them with everything that they need. In the future, the company can see that the relatives of those locked in will be using the system to let them out.



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