February 8, 2018

Dr. Mofid Mark-Offering Improved Plastic Surgery in San Diego

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Dr. Mofid mark is a reputable plastic surgeon based in La Jolla and San Diego. He completed his undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He completed his medical degree and undertook general surgery training and plastic surgery at John Hopkins University. Dr. Mofid Mark has been helping men and women who are looking to improve their appearances and enhance their lives. His careful and contentious approach to plastic surgery runs across all aspects of his practice. He has friendly staffs operating in a comfortable office. Among the services offered include facelift, breast augmentation, laser hair surgery and breast augmentation. The treatment is provided according to each patient’s body which results in excellently satisfying results.

Dr. Mofid Mark mission is to provide personal and conscious services from reception all the post-recovery period. The staff makes the procedure both pleasant and seamless for the patient. They are committed to achieve the best quality and stay abreast with up to date techniques in cosmetic surgery. They value their patient’s goals and time. Patients are treated to honest, personal and accurate sessions. Dr. Mofid’s patients are treated in the La Jolla comfortable surgery office.

Dr. Mofid arranges a private consultation to learn what are the interests and goals of the patient. Once he knows the objectives of the patient, he will establish a methodology to achieve those results. Each patient is allocated enough time to address any question about cosmetic surgery he/she may have.

Dr. Mofid mark has perfected the science of Butt augmentation by solving some of the challenges he found in the field. The implants available at the time were way too huge for intramuscular placement and gravity would pull them to an inferior position. He developed the round Gluteal implantech that solved both of the two challenges. The implants do not look fake in any way since they are very proportional.


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