February 23, 2018

Lime Crimes’s Doe Deere Talks Dreams

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Everyone has a dream. Everyone has something they would like to do in life. For some people, this is moving to a new land. For others, it may be getting married and starting a business. For entrepreneur Doe Deere, life and dreams have been about all three of these goals. In a recent interview, Deere shares her life and her dreams for the future with her many fans. She knows they appreciate her candor and her vision. She wants her fans to know that her life is about making dreams come true. This ability to realize a dream has been instrumental in her life and her current plans. It’s also a vision for her future. As she looks to the future, she knows that it holds bright things for her.


Her Own Background


Deere was born in Russia. Russia is home to many artists and creative thinkers. She loved growing up here. She knew that she wanted to be an artist from a young age. In Russia, people are encouraged to dream big. At the same time, she also knew that other places called to her. One of the places that she dreamed about was America. Here, she knew she could think about a foundation for her dreams. It was this that led her to decide to pack up her things and head for New York City. New York, she felt, was the ideal place to start out in her teens. It was this realization that pushed her to leave Russia. She wanted to be part of the well known community of artists and entrepreneurs that live here. She spend over a decade in this part of the United States. Her primary home was in Brooklyn but she spent lots of time exploring the rest of the area. She felt the energy that the city exudes helped push her to dream big and think about what she really wanted from her own life. It was also this dream that later pushed her to move to Los Angeles. The mild climate was one that helped her feel warm and happy all year long. It is here that she has chosen to make her home today. Learn more:  https://theweirdstore.net/blogs/the-weird-store/how-doe-deere-became-queen-of-the-unicorns


Follow Your Heart


People have often asked Deere what it is that led her to found her own company. As Lime Crime has continued to grow and succeed, she’s been struck by that very question. She has come to realize that it was her decision to follow her own heart. She was able to tap into her own dearest dreams and think about how to make them come true. She knows that every single person in life has a dream they follow. Everyone, she believes, has something special to offer the world. It was in her own heart that she realized she could help bring color and light to others. She knew that her artistic bent could be the source of her inspiration. She knows that others can do the same in their own personal lives.


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