March 24, 2018

Eric Lefkofsky Has A Byte-Sized Cancer Treatment Method

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Cancer is a treatable condition if diagnosed early enough. There is no unified procedure for treatment because the procedure varies with what the doctor’s opinion on the severity of the patient’s condition is.

Some common treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and more. For maximum effectiveness, patients require more than one treatment procedure.

A technology start-up company has revolutionized treatment of cancer. The company is known as Tempus Labs. The firm rides on the use of technology to help cancer specialists make better decisions during treatment by providing them with information.

Tempus owns one of the largest cancer digital libraries, which contains data on patients’ molecular and clinical data.

The information system collects data on the DNA sequence of tumors, RNA sequence of tumors, specific characteristics of a patient’s immunity, DNA sequences of the patient’s germ line, and the organoid cultures of tumor cells.

After collection, the data is cleansed and then analyzed before it is classified into a database. This database is accessible through an operating system.

The Tempus system, through its image recognition algorithms, provides the specialists with image characteristics from radiology and pathology of other patients.

The system is important because it helps cancer specialists make informed decisions by imaging prediction of outcomes for each patient. This helps the doctors choose the best method of treatment, thus giving patients a chance to a better and healthy life.

Tempus has profound partnerships with many organizations that specialize in comprehensive cancer care, and are under the National Cancer Institute umbrella. This has earned Tempus a spot on Eric Topol’s list.

This annual feature seeks to recognize efforts by scientists in the digital medicine space. Tempus’ technology has also been recognized as one of the leading treatment methods because of its gene therapy and gene editing technologies.

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