April 6, 2018

Clayton Hutson – article recap

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Clayton Hutson creates magic with every show he produces. This magic can be seen with the seamless execution of sound, light, and music. Hutson’s team of designers and engineers are the stars of the show. It is the magic of coordinating video and music to create a perfect atmosphere that attracts musicians to utilize Hutson’s services.


The live music industry is in Hutson’s blood. He loves the feeling of seeing it all come together on stage. Rock concerts are where Hutson and his team shine. His expert handling of all the intricate details has made him well known among rock stars such as Kid Rock and Guns n’ Roses. Hutson prides himself on keeping up with the latest audio technology and in helping music artists such as Lady Gaga create unique stage appearances.


Hutson honed his audio engineering skills by working at various venues. The fascinating part of working on the computer generated designs is when unique patterns form. Hutson likes “pushing the envelope” and experimenting with new designs. It is important to make sure the dimensions are right the first time. Design thaws can ruin an event.


Planning is a critical component in organizing an event. Hutson’s attention to detail is legendary. Hutson has lists of what he needs, what tasks need to be done and when they need to be done. This helps because checking off the list provides a visual confirmation of tasks completed. Hutson checks for mistakes frequently to ensure the safety and quality of the show. The smallest detail can make or break a show’s success. Learn more: https://clayhutson.com/about-clay-hutson


One of the many tasks that Hutson’s staff performs is the set-up of the venue for the show. This task provides a good opportunity to eye the set-up and make sure it can be broken down quickly. This task is made easier when the staff knows where to store equipment. Hutson’s first task whenever he sets up a show is to walk around the venue and get a feel for the place. He does expect his crew to have a good understanding of where everything is so they can set up and break down the sets easily.


Hutson focuses on what’s important to the client. He offers one-stop services for event planners, musicians, and other artistic personnel. His expertise is in Rock concerts but has also worked with other venues. Production design and management services are what Hutson likes to focus on.


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